Crisis to Reinvention: How to Make a Comeback in Business

Anyone can reinvent themselves. Learn how Michael Margolis made a comeback in business after a painful divorced, business insolvency, dealing with surmounting debt and being on the brink...

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2. Pull other change-makers into the spotlight.

It’s important to mention, that through all of this I was not alone. It was important for me to shine the light on an emerging discipline of business storytelling and those also doing great work within this space. I identified an opportunity to drive awareness using virtual conferences which could be produced at a relatively low cost and simultaneously create tremendous impact.

Today my virtual conference, the Reinvention Summit, has grown into storytelling’s biggest online conference with presentations from more than 50 of the world’s leading storytelling experts. I used Adobe Connect to record the sessions (audio, video, slides), as well as LinkedIn for professional networking.The event established a new level of thought leadership and built a tribe and community around my work.

3. Find ways to diversify and scale.

I didn’t have the money to produce a huge in-person event.  So, I turned to the Web once again.

I launched Story University to host online business storytelling e-courses.  For example, one of the most popular courses has taught thousands of people how to craft a compelling story by writing an impactful bio and revamping their social profiles. In partnership with event marketing social platform Skillshare, I’ve developed a low-cost model to bring live workshops to cities nationwide, and gauge real-time market demand.

Often times, a big business mistake forces you to reevaluate, reconfigure and realign.

To become a successful entrepreneur and embark upon reinvention it’s important to acknowledge problems and behavior patterns that you’ve ignored for years, address them and move forward. Don’t get me wrong—the process is quite painful; it’s humbling to admit that you aren’t perfect and surrender control. But recognize failure as an important life experience and then avoid repeating the same mistakes.

When you learn to turn adversity into an ally the more interesting stories you’ll have to tell. Every hardship is an opportunity for character-building and development — and even a successful business.

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Michael Margolis is the President of Get Storied, an online education company that teaches entrepreneurs how to tell their story. Michael is left-handed, color-blind, and eats more chocolate than the average human. Learn more and download a free gift copy of his storytelling manifesto or watch his free webinar.



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