Invest in Travel: 6 Smart Travel Tips for Entrepreneurs

Follow these tips for smarter travel to get the most for your money and maximize your experiences.

4. Write and Reflect

Don’t just talk about starting a travel journal. Do it! When most people take a trip, they focus on “getting away,” partying, and forgetting about real life as much as possible. Instead, allot time to reflect and record your thoughts and experiences. More importantly, continue to reflect upon your experiences when you return; give yourself time to debrief, celebrate your trip, and come back to reality slowly. Reread your writing and look at pictures so your trip has a lasting impact.

5. Don’t Always Focus on ROI

Travel should be about personal growth and developing relationships with new people. It should not be viewed as a business development transaction — not all benefits can be measured in ROI. If you’re taking a short, retreat-based trip, for example, focus on meeting new people and creating contacts. Don’t hesitate to talk to strangers. Bounce ideas off those who you feel can be of help. Various opinions and outside perspectives never hurt.

6. Keep in Touch

Keep track of the people you meet along the way. Maintaining contacts can be beneficial in the long run, and social media is a great tool to stay in touch. You can create a solid network of people from across the world using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

A break from the everyday routine and a change of scenery can boost productivity, reenergize you, and get those creative juices flowing. As a new entrepreneur, you should view every dollar spent as an investment. Do take a trip, but plan it wisely to reap the maximum benefit, and don’t forget to stay in contact with all the great people you meet along the way.

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