10 Best Articles on Overcoming Fear and Failure in Business

Here are ten of our favorite articles designed to inspire you to overcome fear, face failure and tackle risky business.

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6. 5 Steps to Master Fear in Business

Fear is defined as a distressing emotion caused by a perceived threat. That “perceived threat” could very well be a perceived outcome that you, as an entrepreneur, have been dwelling on. Negative self-talk, such as “I can’t do this” or “I don’t have the money to pursue that”, or counsel from unaccredited sources such as family and friends can be detrimental to your budding business. Read more

7. Brace For Impact: How to Recover From Small Business Failure

Challenges are inevitable in business. Sometimes, life happens. And while the easiest thing to do may be to run and hide, taking the path less traveled may lead to unlimited possibilities. Truth is, every successful entrepreneur has experienced “startup system failure.” Unfortunately, some entrepreneurs choose to abort their startup or sink the ship altogether. Here is a go-to guide on how to recover from a small business failure. Read more

8. Cash and Burn: How I Saved My Business From Financial Failure

Justin Beegel, founder of Infographic World, Inc. shares one of his biggest business mistakes and how he overcame it. In the early stages of his business, Beegel had virtually no system in place to track the money that flowed in and out of his business. Practices and payment terms that he believed to be fair ultimately put him in a hole that could have possibly marked the end of everything he had built. However, Beegel took charge and was able to avoid a full-on catastrophe, as well as prevent a similar one from happening again. Read more

9. Develop the Right Business Mindset With These 4 Inspirational Resources

Entrepreneurs often focus on the external business challenges they face, such as sales, team management, and customer acquisition. However, most rarely spend time handing the internal challenges they face every day, like stress, self-doubt, negativity, loss of focus, and fear of failure. Developing the right mindset and adopting a positive attitude can make you an unstoppable force on your path to success. Read more

10. Risky Business: You’re Not an Entrepreneur If You Don’t Take Risks

Risk is non-negotiable when it comes to entrepreneurship. When launching a startup, you put everything on the line, including your financial well-being, career opportunities, family relationships and emotional health. In order to be successful in business, you cannot be afraid to take risks. It is important to figure out what level of risk you’re comfortable with, manage it and then move on to ultimately take bigger risks. Read more

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