Why Startups Should Scale with Love and Authenticity

Learn why scaling your company is ideal and how it can benefit your long-term success.

Is your business built to scale?

I often consult entrepreneurs that are ready to go beyond serving one customer at a time. They are ready to maximize the impact of their ideas and grow awareness of their products and services. In short, they are ready to scale.

More often than not, entrepreneurs that are ready to scale their companies start asking common questions such as:

Is the way I’m working right now sustainable over time?
Is there a way to make my marketing and sales budgets work harder?
Where is the closest human cloning facility? 

It’s no secret that scaling a business is hard. Traditionally, scale has required making products or services less personal. Since you can’t clone yourself (and your personal service), you scale back as you scale up.

Creating a Business that Scales

Creating a business that scales is essential because it leverages your gifts for the greatest good across the broadest channels.

It also allows you to serve as many customers as possible with as little effort on behalf of your business as possible. Serving more customers, through scale, enables your business to have an impact on people who you wouldn’t have been able to reach otherwise.

However, many entrepreneurs are hesitant to scale their companies and lose the personalization and level of service that made them successful in the first place. But what if scale didn’t have to be impersonal?

What if scale was an extension of all the most human elements of your business?

Scale to Reach the Masses

I believe that most small businesses require a certain level of premium, unleveraged work.

It could take the form of commission art, couture dresses, one-on one coaching, or corporate speaking engagements. But most of those same businesses require a level of leverage to  increase their impact.  The two sides of the equation can and do work hand-in-hand.

One informs the other, improving both.

Last summer I attended Chris Guillebeau’s World Domination Summit and watched Danielle LaPorte work a room of eager, warm-hearted entrepreneurs. She opened with…

“Love scales.”

It’s the intention, process, and values that creates an atmosphere that allows love to scale through a business. It’s not a business owner or her work with any individual client.

It’s a clear understanding of how one individual’s needs and desires are the fuel required to reach the masses. However, the most powerful kind of scale happens when you make each and every customer feel like their one in a million, even when you are serving thousands.

Leverage and Scale Through Authenticity

What holds many entrepreneurs back from leveraging their gifts and skills (to create more wealth and impact more lives) is thinking that their work can’t survive without them and the special attention they give to clients or customers.

The thing is, you can duplicate the work you perform for your favorite clients. You can clone your best customers. You can leverage your love for these special people. You can even know them better and discover their innermost thoughts and desires.

In fact, you can identify the patterns behind why they buy and when. From there you can create campaigns and events that attract and bind people who genuinely value your company’s products and services.

At the same time you can create work that fulfills your customers deep desires and answers their core needs. When you leverage the love and scale your offers, you are creating a bigger impact on customers who are just right for your business.

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