Think Smart: Master Your Thoughts and Become More Successful in Business

Entrepreneurs share how they "think" and reveal straight-forward tips to help you improve your thoughts and success in business.

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Thoughts are powerful. According to research provided by the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, the average person has as many as 70,000 thoughts per day. With that many ideas or opinions produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in your mind, it is evident that thoughts are considerably important; some may even say “they rule your world.”

We process information and thoughts every waking (and sleeping) hour. Because thought underlies almost all human actions and interactions, it’s understandable that if you want to improve your life and your business, you must first change the way you think.

While all entrepreneurs face challenges in business, many that attain success note that a contributing factor is simply what they’ve been thinking lately. So we asked entrepreneurs to share how they think and reveal straight-forward tips to help you improve your thoughts and success in business.

Here’s what they had to say:

1. Stay positive despite naysayers.

“It’s easy to get bogged down with the negativity and naysayers, especially when you’re an entrepreneur, so it’s important to continually add fuel to your burning desire to succeed.”

– Christine White, Founder and Managing Partner of Scandle Body Candle: @ScandleCandle

2. Change the thought process behind your conversations.

“Stop thinking about conversations in terms of ‘I’ or ‘me’ – rather think in terms of ‘we.’ By making this simple change you not only make conversations more inclusive and enjoyable for all parties involved, [but] you [also] demonstrate you are a connected person, adding value beyond your immediate product or service. This means people will try to prove they are worthy of being in your circle rather than you fighting to prove you are worthy of their time.”

– Navah Fuchs, CEO and Co-Founder of Angel Ed: @navahf

3. Surround yourself with great leaders.

” … They can be virtual mentors (i.e. great blogs that you read), top business books, seminars you attend in person and online or local in-person mentors. The best way to bring yourself and your thinking up to the next level is to constantly immerse yourself inside the thought process of great leaders.”

– Anne-Marie Faiola, Founder and CEO of Bramble Berry: @brambleberry

4. Focus on your outcomes gap.

“Focus on your outcomes gap, the differences between what you want and the results you’re getting; not on what you don’t have, but what you can do better. Assess and cut out anything that’s standing between you and your goals, be honest with yourself, and don’t beat yourself up over analytics. Look for qualitative and quantitative progress while focusing on what really matters: taking action, growing, progressing, fulfilling, being, evolving, inspiring, overcoming, creating, and achieving. Success is a process and one that constantly has to be reinvented. Define it for yourself and never sit still.”

– Mahrinah von Schlegel, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Cíbola: @MLvS

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