The Curator: Entrepreneurship Falling, Refusing Family Funds, Copy This Founder, Startup Hotspots, Thing Big and Be Bold

Here’s our weekly link roundup of small business buzz, musings and muchness. A curation of the best small business talk around the web.

Here’s our weekly link roundup of small business buzz, musings and muchness. A curation of the best small business talk around the web.

Entrepreneurship is Falling—and That’s Great News

“Entrepreneurship is a bit like white blood cells. It’s a good thing, of course, and something we need. But more of it isn’t necessarily good news. It fact, heightened levels of it can be a sign that something is wrong… National media made something of a fetish of entrepreneurs, since this uptick corresponded with a ostensible golden age in Silicon Valley start-ups. But many of them were reluctant entrepreneurs, or last-resort entrepreneurs.”  (The Atlantic)

Entrepreneurs: If You Love Your Family, Don’t Let Them Invest in Your Startup

“When an entrepreneur is starting a new business they usually do not have the cash to fund the startup purely by themselves and will therefore need to find investors. They often think of turning to family and friends for the initial funding, as it is sometimes easier to raise money from them than through other avenues… But it is because of your love for these relationships that you should think it through and have an honest dialogue about the risks of taking money from your friends and family to fund your startup…” (Forbes)

Copy These 10 Things This Startup Founder is Doing Right

“Wonders never cease. Last week I met for coffee with a startup entrepreneur who’s doing a lot of things right. Maybe it’s because he’s not fresh out of school; in his mid-30s, he has held operations positions at companies big and small, so he’s seen what works and what doesn’t. Or maybe it’s just because he has good instincts and laser focus… Here are 10 things I think Bruce is doing right, and that other entrepreneurs can learn from. After all, you may have to compete with him one day.” (The Financial Post)

Where Should You Launch Your Startup?

“There is a lot of buzz lately about entrepreneurship hotspots across the country. We hear about successful startups in many places, from Austin, Tex., to Reston, Va. What does this mean for entrepreneurs? If you’re launching a startup, does it really matter where you locate? Yes, it does matter.” (Forbes)

Ernst & Young Insight: Women Entrepreneurs: Think Big and Be Bold

“Women entrepreneurs have the same set of unique qualities as their male counterparts — a desire to innovate, a willingness to take calculated risks, a knack for turning adversity into opportunity, an ability to see possibilities others don’t. And often times their skills go above and beyond this. They deliver fresh ideas that can ignite change and drive growth for themselves, their businesses and their communities. These are the qualities that make startups successful.” (The Financial Post)

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