Take More Risks: 10 Articles Every Fearless Entrepreneur Should Read

Are you ready to take more risks in business? If so, here are ten articles to inspire, catalyze and prepare you for the success that awaits you. “Freedom...

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6. Entrepreneurship is All About (Active) Risk Management

Through the life of our company, our team learned a myriad of lessons, but one particular lesson has stuck with me above most. A successful entrepreneur is characterized by many attributes, but an essential element of successful entrepreneurship is the ability to manage risk. Most people never even consider this aspect of business, but the ability to actively manage risk is oftentimes the difference between entrepreneurs who have a great idea and entrepreneurs who actually build successful companies. Read more


7. How to Mitigate Risk When a Customer Files for Bankruptcy

As small businesses experience economic challenges an increase in bankruptcy petitions can be expected. But do you know if your customers are on the verge of financial failure? Probably not. More importantly, do you know what to do when a customer or client files for bankruptcy? Read more


8. Marriage Inc., 5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Business with Your Spouse

Starting a business is risky. Starting one with your spouse is outright nutty. You’re gambling your finances, your mental health, your retirement funds, your personal happiness — and the most important relationship of your adult life. As the daughter of an entrepreneur, I’m aware of how easy it is to blur boundaries in the great work-life divide. Read more


9. Partnership Agreements: Six Things Co-founders Should Consider Prior to Partnering

If you are thinking of starting a new business with a co-founder, congratulations! Some of the most successful businesses exist today because of great partnerships. For instance, an incredible 1970s partnership between the late Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak brought about several of the most popular mobile devices consumers love — the iPhone, iPod, and iPad, produced by Apple Inc. Read more


10. 17 Things You Should Know Before You Start a Business

Is entrepreneurship for you? Chances are it definitely is. If you’ve come up with a great business idea and you’re ready to take definitive steps then you’ve likely figured out that there’s quite a bit to learn. Sure. Everything will be different and while you’ve likely got lofty dreams of being your own boss there are several things you should do and know. Read more


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