Work-Life Balance: Entrepreneurs Reveal How to Prevent Business Burnout

Learn how to prevent long-term exhaustion and diminished interest in your business.

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Every small business owner wants to avoid burnout — long-term exhaustion and diminished interest in your business! This is why so many entrepreneurs tout the importance of achieving work-life balance. So, we asked entrepreneurs to give their best advice on how to avoid business burnout and here’s what they had to say:

1. Take a “true” break.

“Since you have to practically eat, sleep, and breathe your business I’ve found it incredibly important to take a real break of a few days every now and then to recharge. That means no business e-mails, checking analytics, managing employees, [etc.] A true break. It’s one of the hardest things to do, but it makes a world of difference when you return.”

– Steve Duffy, President of List Here: @listhere

2. Get sleep.

“Currently managing the creation and growth of 4 separate brands, I understand how sleep is low in the priority list. However, when I don’t sleep enough, or regularly, I notice a definite difference in the quality of my work and decision-making process. When I’m feeling burnt-out, I know it’s time to disconnect from all digital noise and tuck myself into bed for as many hours as needed. [Then] I’m refreshed and ready to go again, full speed, when I wake up after a good amount of sleep.”

– Heidie Woods, Branding Strategist and Ghostwriter of heidiewoods.com: @heidiewoods

3. Seek out inspiration.

“The compliments you receive for your products or services will ‘pay your heart’ when you’re feeling burnt out and re-inspire you all over again.  And, by the way, the entrepreneurial ride is a roller coaster [deserving] a mental health diagnosis. Trust me, you’re perfectly normal. In fact, you might even be a little crazy, and that’s okay, because it’s the crazy ones that actually do what nobody else thought could be accomplished!”

– Cher Heberling, Founder and CEO of Super Body Care: @SuperBodyCare

4. Hit the gym.

“To prevent burnout, I make sure I go to the gym five days a week for at least two hours no matter how busy I am. I simply force myself. It’s an incredible stress reliever and when I go back to work, I always feel re-energized and motivated.”

– Sandip Sekhon, CEO of Go Get Funding: @gogetfunding

5. Refocus on your mission.

“As an entrepreneur, I can get easily sucked into ‘fighting fires’ and solving what seems like a never ending list of to-dos. When I’m feeling burnt out, it’s usually because I’m spending way too much time doing those types of activities and not enough time getting excited about the work the company is out to accomplish. To re-energize myself, I will spend time doing big picture work like working on a business model canvas or talking to customers about their lives and how they experience our product.  Making myself present to our mission and impact makes me totally excited about work again.”

– Laura Vaughn, Co-Founder and CEO of Sitting in a Tree: @lauravaughn_

6. Change your routine.

“Instead of cycling through the same chores each day, it’s good to change the routine once in a while and look forward to tackling new challenges. [The] projects don’t even have to be grand; you can start small, with simple quality checks on your company’s website. You can start blogging, or set up a company Twitter page, or create an affiliate program if you’re an online merchant. As long as you’re doing something new all the time, you’ll avoid burning out from repeating the same routines day in and day out.”

– Michael Pesochinsky, Co-Founder and Vice President of GovernmentBargains.com: @govbargains

7. Learn something new.

“[This] includes playing musical instruments, learning to make beer, or picking up a hobby with my kid. Stepping away is important, but you never want to shut down. By learning something new, you’re able to cleanse your mind and stay inspired.”

– Patrick King, Founder and CEO of Imagine: @wefightugly

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