5 Ways Exercise Improves an Entrepreneur’s Bottom Line

Former NFL cheerleader turned entrepreneur, Danetha Doe reveals how exercise improves your overall health and the health of your small business.

2. Exercise Boosts Networking Opportunities

Have you ever thought about joining a soccer or volleyball league? Not only are you getting exercise and having fun, but you’re also meeting and mingling with potential clients and developing a deeper referral network base.

People like to work with those that have similar interests as they do, so joining a workout club is a great way to make those connections! It is imperative that you never miss an opportunity to network effectively.

3. Exercise Maximizes Your Strength and Flexibility

Are you having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning and attacking your to-do list? Coffee has its benefits, but maintaining limber and strong muscles is a natural way to get you off to a good start in the morning. Moreover, a good attitude early in the morning can be carried out throughout the day, making that to-do list easier to tackle.

4. Exercise Eliminates Unwanted Stress

It’s good to step away from our stressful work load every so often, especially during those frustrating times at the office. Turn off the tablet and put away your files for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Go on a walk, take a yoga class, or jog around the lake. The problem that’s been nagging you will still be there, but I bet you will feel better about solving it after you take some much needed time for yourself.

5. Exercise Improves Clarity and Creativity

Personally speaking, I get my best business ideas while I’m running, lifting weights or taking a dance class. Exercise allows me to tap into another part of my brain that isn’t as accessible when I’m staring at my computer screen and reading reports. Exercise may yield a new creative vision that could be invaluable to your small business.

So, in addition to looking and feeling good, preventing damaged blood vessels and Alzheimer’s disease, exercise is a great way to give your business that jump start it needs to remain successful.

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Danetha Doe is a former NFL Cheerleader and the current founder/owner of EmeryCloud, a San Francisco based accounting and strategy consulting firm for creative freelancers and small business owners. She also teaches fitness and dance classes when she is not crunching numbers.


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