11 Entrepreneurs Share How to Overcome Business Insecurities

Entrepreneurs are likely to face many business-related insecurities. Overcoming silent business fears is essential to long-term success.

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7. Step out of your comfort zone, daily.

“Make a solid decision to step out of your comfort zone every day, even if that means taking baby steps. Stepping out of the safety of your comfort zone … the more confident you will become, the more success you will create.

As a woman who was once very shy, and is now confidently running a thriving business, I have seen many women in business fail because they lack the confidence needed to build a business. I help them see their own value and the value in the service they provide so they can fulfill their vision to make a big impact.”

– Erin Summ Coaching, Founder and CEO of Erin Summ Coaching


8. Don’t listen to that little voice.

“When that little voice says, ‘You’re never going to make it,’ or, ‘You’re not good enough,’ tell it to shut up. Worrying about what could happen, how you could fail, or what people might think will only attract more negativity. Look forward, follow your plan and know that the voice is lying.”

– Suzanne Casamento, CEO of Fantasy Dating: @FantasyDaters


9. Be unapologetically, rebellious.

“Insecurities paralyze you and impair your freedom of action or choice.  To overcome insecurities, I think about what action or choice might be affected by my fear.  Once I determine what it is, then I rebelliously take that action and prove the insecurity wrong.”

– Robin Pisciotta, Founder of Virtual Gurus: @virtualgurus


10. Network with other successful entrepreneurs.

“Network with other successful entrepreneurs in as many different industries as possible.  You can find great networking events with different people outside your industry by looking [online] and at local conferences.  [The] reality is everyone … experiences the same feelings and by networking you’re able to accept it, learn tips, and move forward for greater success.”

– Michael Kawula, Owner of My Jobs It: @myjobsit


11. Ask for qualified feedback.

“If you’re insecure about an aspect of your business or your professionalism, ask someone you trust to give you an honest opinion to help critique your idea or performance.  If you’re insecure about a product or service, ask your clients.  People generally enjoy helping others improve, especially if you’re upfront about asking for opinions and advice.  Use this to your advantage.”

– Jill Schiefelbein, Owner of Impromptu Guru: @impromptuguru

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