Need a Mobile App? Avoid These 10 Costly Mistakes

Here are ten common app development mistakes every small business owner should avoid.

  1. Frequently switching developers.

    I have seen this happen many times. If you continually change developers, then you will end up with code that will be too complicated for anyone to handle. So, whenever possible, try to avoid this and hire the best developer the first time around.

  2. Neglecting app testing.

    If you think you can get away with only having your developer test the app, then you are wrong. In the end, it’s your app. Your developer will try to troubleshoot and resolve most bugs. But he won’t likely test it from user perspective, which probably you can.

  3. Minimizing the value of marketing.

    Why would anyone see and download your app when there are almost a million other apps available on the market? This is where marketing comes into play. You shouldn’t expect your brilliant app to do well without marketing. Your job does not end with creating that beautiful app. You must market it as well or you will end up losing your investment.

  4. Failing the dumb user test.

    When you create an app, try to give it to the dumbest person you know and watch how they use it. Your app should be ridiculously easy and intuitive in order to succeed in the market. Tons of app features are useless if users do not know how to use them. To aid with useability, add a starting instructions overlay on how to use the app. This can educate users on how to use the app. Short videos and help section are useful too.

  5. Adding too many features in one shot.

    So, you are planning on 10 app features and you want to release them all in your initial version? Think again. If you give your app everything you have in the first place, what will you have to offer later on? In today’s market, if you want your app to succeed, you need to keep adding new features to drive interest and incremental sales. So, include notable features in the initial release and then add small features on a timeline and update the app in the Appstore. This way your app will keep refreshing in the list of apps sorted by release date.


Priyadarshan Joshi is the Founder and CEO of TaxSmart Technologies, a leading Mobile Apps Development Company located in India. Under his leadership the company has grown from a single developer to a team of 17 in under 3 Years. He has 11+ Years’ experience in Software Industry. He has also worked for New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) at New York as an ERP Consultant in 2006.


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