4 Throwback TV Shows Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

These four throwback TV shows can inspire you as an entrepreneur and help you build your startup right.

Are you working on starting a business? If so, there are tons of great shows to inspire, inform, instruct, and enlighten you, as well as give you a much-needed break from the hectic life you lead as an entrepreneur. These shows give you a broad spectrum of input, some deeply informative and others breezily inspiring. Among them, you’re bound to learn everything you need to know for ultimate success.


1. Only Fools and Horses (BBC Production)

Only Fools and Horses features the quirky British humor and a one of a kind lead character, Del Boy. Though you won’t want to run your business the way Del Boy usually does, it does offer some lighthearted and amusing advice that all startups can take advantage of, such as: how to remain optimistic under all circumstances, how to be wisely resourceful, how to keep up a good attitude no matter what, how to stay motivate when times are tough, and how to be persistent in pursuing your goals and dreams. The show aired from 1981 through 1991, with a few Christmas specials running up to 2003. This BBC production is now available on YouTube, as well is on DVD from Amazon.


2. How I Made My Millions (CNBC Production)

On the more serious side, How I Made My Millions chronicles a number of businesses, from the conception of the initial idea all the way through to multimillion dollar success. The show follows many different types of businesses, including graphic design, all natural beauty products, and even electronic devices and home appliances. It shows how many everyday folks were able to turn their good ideas into great businesses. Full episodes of How I Made My Millions are available for free viewing online at CNBC.com.


3. This Week in Startups (TWiST Production)

This Week in Startups is part of an entire line of “This Week In” presentations offered by TWiST on ThisWeekIn.com. It features Jason Calacinis, an investor and CEO of Malhalo, interviewing top business professionals about their hottest technology businesses. See how the big guys, such as Google, NSA, and Bing, do what they do, and what makes them successful. Their companion show, This Week in Venture Capital, is also helpful for entrepreneurs in the finance industry. Some episodes are also available on YouTube. Get a bundle plan to enjoy savings on Internet connection along with your television services.


4. The Office (NBC Production)

The Office is a quirky comedy that will reinforce your decision to go into business for yourself and abandon the 9 to 5 grind. It features a predictable cast of office staple characters, and showcases the bad decisions, lack of morale, and silly situations which arise in the corporate environment. The show ran from 2005 until May of 2013, but full episodes are still available on NBC.com.


What is your must see show? Leave a comment below and explain why your favorite show inspires you as an entrepreneur and helps you build your startup right.


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