Improve Employee Performance with Great Office Design

There is practically not one employee who doesn’t want to work in a nice office, and nice can mean a lot of different things when it comes to...

There is practically not one employee who doesn’t want to work in a nice office, and nice can mean a lot of different things when it comes to workplaces.

While there are employees who become more motivated with an office that screams innovation, there are those who perform better in a simpler setting. On the other hand, there are also those who don’t pay much mind to their surroundings.

However, as a business grows it is not enough to be aware of which interior concepts motivate employees. To maximize ingenuity and make sure creative juices do not run dry, you need to furnish employees with a workplace that stimulates their minds and keeps their inspiration alive.

It’s also imperative that office workstations are comfortable to work in, but not too cozy that it could be mistaken for an extension of a bedroom. While you may have nothing against allowing employees to take naps during breaks, every workplace should aim to strike a balance between function and comfort.

So, if you’re looking to improve your company offices, here is a look at five benefits companies can reap from an office design that is creative, chic, and comfortable.


  1. Enhanced productivity.

    An efficient office design is concerned with how convenient it is to navigate the office since time is a valued commodity that should be maximized as much as possible. The more efficient a workstation is for employees, the better their performance will be. If, for instance, you’re running a small magazine and you need to conduct proofing meetings in the office, it would be better if you position the printer at a corner that is accessible to editors. The time saved from walking to the printer and then back to a cubicle can actually be used to do other tasks.

  2. Improved personnel moods.

    Visually pleasant surroundings can do wonders for an employees’ mood — especially when they need a quick source of cheer and inspiration. For instance, color psychology suggests that certain colors elicit different emotions and can even help give birth to brilliant ideas and concepts. Take the color red, for example. Its most basic shade and hues are often associated with passion, power, and love. If you want to stir high spirits among your staff, you can paint office walls red or arrange a theme that revolves around shades of red.

  3. Morale booster.

    The connection between a good office design and employee morale may be one that isn’t always apparent. Nevertheless, an artistic office setup can have a positive impact on employee’s overall self-esteem. When your staff enjoys a workplace concept that appeals to their senses and is conducive to operating smoothly, they will feel proud of working at a company that caters to their needs and values an environment that aid them in accomplishing their work.

  4. Employee loyalty.

    One of the long-term effects of a good office design is this: when your employees become used to working efficiently, in a quality office environment, they learn to put their trust in a firm that looks after them. Over time, your employees will find it easier to rest their loyalty on your company, which can increase the likelihood of retaining employees. This also translates to a minimal attrition rate and thus curtails your need to spend on recruitment and training of new employees.

  5. Attract top talent.

    Not only are stylish offices envied by a lot of companies, they are also the dream destinations of many employees. When you have a workplace that suits the ideals of candidates, you wouldn’t have much of a problem picking from the lot because they almost always come to you inevitably. As such, it’s safe to say that a nice office is not just an investment you can make for the employees that are currently on your payroll, but for those that you will hire in the future.

A clever office design doesn’t have to be just about fixtures and equipment. It’s equally important to consider the layout of furniture in the workplace, as well as how the arrangement works for each one of your employees. Don’t forget to account the personalities and needs of employees when rearranging workstations and furniture in the office. The right office design can pay dividends for years to come.


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