Survive Startup Life With These 4 Healthy Tips

While I will never find a perfect balance, I have found a few key strategies that have helped me regain my health and wellness while building a startup.

If you would like to entice an entrepreneur, just use simple, sweet words like easy, quick, and minimal effort. If you don’t believe these words ring true, I urge you to check out the number of pizza boxes, soda cans, and Starbucks cups in the trash can at any startup.

For entrepreneurs, there is never an excess of time. More importantly, is always a compounding, never-ending to-do list in their minds. While this passion and persistence is important in order to get a startup off the ground, it sometimes comes at the price of personal health and wellness.


Startups and Sleepless Nights

From sleepless nights to a weakened immune system and forgotten lunches, my early days of growing ‘ZinePak turned me into a zombie. Instead of running parallel paths, my success and health ratios seemed to create a big, fat, ironic X: the more successful ‘ZinePak became, the less I maintained my health.

Juggling projects, meetings, and pitches left me no time to maintain a healthy diet, work out, or combat the fact that I looked like a shell of my former energetic self. While I will never find a perfect balance, I have found a few key strategies that have helped me regain my health and wellness. Consider these four tips as you build your startup:


  1. Take your vitamins.

    Even for on-the-go founders, there is nothing simpler than popping a pill in your mouth before you brush your teeth. While getting balanced meals and a few solid food groups in at every meal is ideal, it’s not always realistic. Grabbing a multivitamin will keep you energized while stabilizing your immune system as you bounce from meeting to meeting or airport to airport. Make it part of your daily routine before you even set foot in the office.

  2. Remember to hydrate.

    Remember when you were in elementary school and you would take water-fountain breaks? Those teachers were on to something! Drinking water rehydrates your body, helps your skin, and can even suppress food cravings (i.e., those 4 p.m. candy jar trips). Find a large decorative glass or water bottle and keep it at your desk to drink from throughout your day. Not only will you surprise yourself by how much you consume, but you might find yourself skipping that late-afternoon caffeine fix as well!

  3. Get your beauty rest.

    Ever wonder why Sleeping Beauty was so beautiful? Well, it wasn’t because she was up working until 3 a.m. And beyond physical appearance (contrary to popular entrepreneurial belief, dark eye circles are not in fashion), sleeping can help your mind work faster and problem-solve more efficiently. It will leave you less prone to emotional outbursts with employees or clients. I cannot stress enough that a full seven hours of sleep are important not just for your personal wellness, but also for the wellness of your company. If you are run down, tired, or grumpy, chances are that will leak through into your work, client relations, or company culture.

  4. Go the extra (minimal) mile.

    I know I said the sweet words to an entrepreneur are easy, quick, and minimal effort—but sometimes you just have to go the extra mile. Whether it is parking at the farthest spot from the mailbox or deciding to walk 10 blocks instead of jumping on the subway, every little bit counts.

    Many gurus and wellness experts preach about going to the gym or signing up for fitness classes, but I know from personal experience that those were the articles I would disregard completely. “Who has time for such luxuries?” I would often vent. If you find yourself echoing that sentiment, there is still hope! Pacing instead of sitting while on a conference call; taking the stairs instead of the elevator; walking over to a colleague’s desk instead of emailing her — there are small, low-effort steps to increasing your physical activity and boosting your mood. Even if that means walking to get that pizza box instead of having it delivered.

Kim Kaupe is the co-founder of ‘ZinePak, a custom publication company that creates engaging fan packages for entertainers, brands, and celebrities. She graduated with a B.A. in marketing from the University of Florida in 2008 and roots loyally for her Gators. Most recently, she and her business partner, Brittany Hodak, were named to Advertising Age’s 40 Under 40 List for 2013.


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