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Here’s our weekly link roundup of small business buzz, musings and muchness. A curation of the best small business talk around the web.

Here’s our weekly link roundup of small business buzz, musings and muchness. A curation of the best small business talk around the web.



Why So Many Tech Founders Who Are Jerks Become Insanely Rich And Successful

“Startup DNA” is the idea that the world’s best entrepreneurs, like Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos, have some inherent talent they were born with that made them successful. The DNA is comprised of characteristics like “resilience” and “ability to accept risk.”


How Startups Can Win The War For Talent

Over the holidays I read Clay Christensen’s, “How Will You Measure Your Life,” which was recommended by several of my colleagues. While the book was focused on applying business frameworks to your personal life, I believe that the same frameworks could also be applied to recruiting, and that made me think differently about our recruiting process at Pixlee.


George Deeb: Should Cash-Strapped Startups Offer Employee Benefits?

In years past, companies of all shapes and sizes needed to offer a good employee-benefits program in order to attract the best candidates. This was even true for early-stage startups since many found that such benefits could help them get people to leave jobs at big companies to join their small teams.


3 Myths About Women Entrepreneurs

There is no doubt that the U.S. economy is being buoyed by women entrepreneurs. Every time a new business is launched money is distributed to a variety of vendors required to get the company up and running. In many cases, new employees are hired and put to work. So why are women entrepreneurs seen and spoken about differently than male entrepreneurs?


Small Business Gets Serious: Digital Trends for Small Business in 2014

It’s a new year and with it comes a cautious view of the year’s economic growth, regulatory changes across a variety of industries and continued development in the reliance on the Internet for personal and professional connection and communication. It’s an uncertain time for many businesses, but especially susceptible to falling behind the curve are the many small businesses and mom and pop shops with already strained budgets and resources.


Entrepreneurs, don’t hesitate to hire help

Hiring is one of the toughest parts of running a business. And this is a problem I often hear about. Most likely you start by interviewing an applicant. But there’s a limit to what you can learn from a first impression. Most likely the person you will be interviewing is wearing his “interview personality” for that day. Chances are they did a bit of research on your company and showed up prepared to impress you and tell you things that they think you want to hear. So, it’s OK to interview a person more than once.


Why Hi-Tech Startups Should Care About Culture

A company’s culture is an essential component for its success. Defining company culture is difficult. Let’s settle for a simple definition of the shared values of the organization and look at how those values are communicated, implemented, and modified by the team. The benefits of a strong culture are that the whole team works well together, and new employees can easily integrate, given the clear behavior patterns set by the team.


Entrepreneurs Among the Happiest People in the World

Entrepreneurs are among the happiest individuals across the globe when it comes to individual well-being and satisfaction with their work conditions according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2013 Global Report. The GEM report’s special topic, Entrepreneurship and Well-Being, also found that women entrepreneurs from innovation-driven economies showed, on average, higher degrees of personal well-being than their male counterparts.


Small Business: Getting past customers, clients back

Small businesses are always looking for the next new customer to fill their sales pipeline. But often, they ignore the low-hanging fruit: their past customers. Previous customers can be a good source of revenue if you know how to renew the relationship, say experts.


How to save tax when investing in startups

Billboards and money sections of newspapers up and down the UK will soon be filled with the annual springtime ISA onslaught from all those fund managers dusting off the tried-and-tested “use it or lose it” adverts to fund this year’s Ferrari. But before investors fall obediently into line yet again, they should pause and look closer at the full scope of the taxman’s generosity, as ISA tax breaks are a very long way from the best on offer now.


Travel trends that entrepreneurs need to know to keep costs down

The year ahead could prove tricky for entrepreneurs when it comes to managing travel budgets, 2014 travel forecasts by American Express Travel and travel provider CWT Solutions Group show. While airfares should stay flat or even decline slightly, both organizations warn of modest price increases for North American hotel stays and car rentals.


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