5 Surprisingly Simple Business Ideas for First-Time Entrepreneurs

Here are rive sure-fire business ideas to help you get you started.

In today’s market there have never been more ways for inventive and creative people to make money on their own terms. No longer do you need to come up with the next great invention to make significant sums of cash. As long as you have the determination and ability to make money and deliver excellent service, you can succeed as a first-time entrepreneur.

Here are five sure-fire business ideas to help you get you started:


  1. Start a local car wash.

    Owning and operating a local car wash can be an easy and affordable way to start a small business. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the car wash industry reels in estimated annual revenues of $5.8 billion. Meanwhile, according to the International Car Wash Association, “consumers are increasingly turning to professional car washing, with those who wash their cars at home declining significantly over the last 10 years.” As you build your car wash business, seek out suppliers that offer car wash supplies in your market.

  2. Provide online tutoring lessons.

    Whether you have the ability to play the guitar or create portraits, chances are that your skills are marketable. Starting an internet company that outsources tutoring services can help you do what you love and profit from it as well. You can also research and join existing marketplaces to sell your services at a predetermined rate. So, if you are a math wizard, now may be the time to cash in on your mathematical genius and help students master the complexities of algebra or calculus.

  3. Become an online freelance editor or writer.

    If you can deliver engaging content or effective editing, you can turn these writing skills into an online business. For example, you can start your own editing company and seek out freelance work from specific industries, Another option is to join an existing freelance website and pitch individual projects. This can also provide another means to build startup capital for other future ventures.

  4. Create e-books on in-demand topics.

    Ebooks are rising in popularity as the proliferation of e-book readers (i.e., e-readers) and tablets (with corresponding ebook apps) continues to flourish. Your first foray into entrepreneurship could include tapping this market — which doesn’t show signs of going away anytime soon. First, conduct online research to determine which topics are in demand and lack supply. If you can write an e-book on the topic and sell it for just $0.99, you may be surprised by the hundreds of e-books you are able to sell.

  5. Sell ‘used’ products on the Internet.

    Selling used items on the Internet is also an easy way to start making money as an entrepreneur. Perhaps you start out with a specialty, such as selling used college textbooks. You can troll sites like Facebook and purchase used textbooks from outgoing seniors or others who are willing to sell them at low prices. You can then resell the books at higher prices via online retailers like Amazon.com.

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