5 Cool Mobile Apps No Entrepreneur Should Be Without

Here’s a look at five creative and smart mobile apps that your smartphone or tablet shouldn’t be without.

Often, when you are a small startup it is easy to get lost under a series of never-ending to do lists and paperwork. These time consuming tasks can make it hard for any entrepreneur to stay organized. So, in an effort to make your business life much easier, here’s a look at five creative and smart mobile apps that your smartphone or tablet shouldn’t be without.


  1. Genius Scan

    Ever get fed up with pockets (or a purse) full of business cards and receipts for business expenses? Well Genius Scan could be the app for you. Using your camera phone you can scan short documents, which can then be emailed or saved to a Dropbox folder. It also allows you to email images of signed documents like contracts which you may need to send instantly. Meanwhile, you can collect all of those receipts in one place by snapping an image and converting it to a PDF which can be saved or sent to the accountant; cutting down on form filing and easily integrated with Expensify too.

  2. Refresh

    If you are the sort of entrepreneur who likes to know a bit about someone before you engage in small chat then this is mobile app is for you. Refresh uses social media platforms to pull information about a person and goes onto add more information on their favorite sports teams and more, helping you engage and network in a smart way. So, if you need a bit of background before your next sales pitch to a client, this app will help you create an easy flowing conversation without the awkward silence.

  3. Uber

    Who doesn’t want their own private driver? If you need to get around the town quickly or impress clients on-the-go, then Uber’s mobile app allows you to book a driver instantly; and at a competitive rate. No more fishing around in your wallet for change either as the app automatically debits your credit card once your journey has concluded. Apps like Uber can help you look more professional and organized, as well prove to be less time consuming than hailing a cab or desperately calling various cab companies. One of the best features about Uber is the app allows you to track your car so you can see if they really are “just around the corner”!

  4. FloraQueen

    This convenient app lets you give the ultimate ‘thank you’ to an investor, mentor, or client who has gone beyond the call of duty! Meanwhile, it is often difficult to send a quick thanks to someone in another country so if your HQ is in Seattle you can easily send a gift to investors in Singapore with FloraQueen. The mobile app allows you to set reminders for important dates and all you need to do is choose a bouquet or gift. With this handy app, there is no excuse for forgetting a client birthday or customer anniversary whilst on that business trip!

  5. Readdle

    Sometimes essential contracts and business deals just can’t wait. If you are out of the office and need to sign an important document – now you can! The Readdle app allows you to add a legally binding signature to your document; and fill in PDF documents to sync with Dropbox or WebDAV all from your smartphone. This mobile app is essential for paperwork that needs your approval ASAP.

All of these mobile apps can help you cut out time consuming work and remind you of important things that you can often forget about when you are your own boss, leaving you free to do what you are good at – growing your business and chase that next big contract!


Ruth Roberts is a freelance journalist as well as the Owner of IssyMay, a contemporary jewellery brand. As a lover of all things creative she uses both platforms of writing and designing to embrace her passion for the arts. Connect with @IssyMayJewels on Twitter.



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