The Curator: Quora Sidesteps Google, Super Bowl Ad Trends, Inside Sales, Tweet Well And Often

Here’s our weekly link roundup of small business buzz, musings and muchness. A curation of the best small business talk around the web.

Weekly Buzz: Sit back, relax, and enjoy our curated reads. Here’s our weekly link roundup of small business buzz, musings and muchness. A curation of the best small business talk around the web.


How Quora Plans to Sidestep Google’s Algorithm

Quora, the popular question-and-answer website, has a long way to go to become a successful business. But it plans to get there without relying on Google. Founded in 2009 and led by former Facebook executive Adam D’Angelo, Quora has seen what happens to content sites that count on Google’s search engine for traffic. (Re/code)


Super Bowl 2015 Advertising: Viewer Attitudes and Spending Trends

The Super Bowl is almost here, and NBC has reportedly sold out of ad space at a record $4.5 million per 30 seconds. This article provides a quick look at some of the research that has emerged in the past few weeks surrounding the event, including advertiser spending and consumer attitudes to Super Bowl spots. (Marketing Charts)


Five Things I’ve Learned about Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools startups can employ. Blogs are powerful drivers of awareness and creators of purchasing intent which ultimately lead to new customers, new employees or other new opportunities. This is doubly true as buyers are educating themselves before contacting sales teams to a far greater extent than ever. (TOMASZ TUNGUZ)


21 Rules For Content Marketers

Content marketing has grown up and no longer deserves a seat at the kids’ table. While it’s something that successful brands do well as part of an overarching marketing portfolio, not all brands are getting it right. If only there were some rules to help guide content marketers and show them the path to success. And if only those rules were disseminated in easy-to-follow infographic format. (PR Daily)


Practice Does Not Make Perfect: 7 Hard Truths about Building an Inside Sales Team

Inside sales — already an important component of many companies’ sales efforts — is expanding as more businesses develop or add to this valuable channel. Here are seven facts you need to face head-on to ensure your new sales team is effective and profitable. (OpenView Labs)


Online Search Becomes Most-Trusted Media Source

As if traditional media needed more bad news: November 2014 polling by Edelman found that online search engines had surpassed traditional media to become the most-trusted media source globally. The firm’s 2015 report revealed that 64% of internet users worldwide trusted online search engines the most (vs. 63% the prior year) for information. (eMarketer)


Why Entrepreneurs Should Tweet Well–and Often

Twitter is a tool for social engagement and the best way to participate is to use your own voice. While it is easy to share articles and repurpose existing content, this activity will not make you or your business stand out. You have to contribute to the platform. (The Wall Street Journal)


Customer Service Pain Points Still Driving Consumers Away

Some 53% of US customers surveyed last year reported having switched providers during the prior year due to poor service, according to a recently-released Accenture Strategy study… Of the 11 industries tracked, customers in the retail sector were the most prone to switching (most likely due to the ease of doing so), with 30% reporting having switched providers due to poor service. (MarketingCharts)


Scared of Student Debt

A young person buried in five figures of student loan debt is more likely to postpone buying a home and less likely to start a business — two facts that are actually connected, as financing the startup of a business tends to require collateral. The best source of collateral for the typical entrepreneur is his or her home. (U.S. News)


How the Small Business Staged Its Comeback

We’ve been hearing for a long time that the successful American small business is an increasingly rare phenomenon. With the rise of big box retailers and ecommerce, not to mention the death of the shopping mall, it would be hard not to see why these stories persist. Nevertheless, a closer look reveals that the small business is actually thriving. (Forbes)


How To Make Content More Shareable And PR Friendly

Creating content that is shared broadly is a great way to build good PR, whether it’s for yourself, your company or brand, or for others. While there’s no way to predict precisely which posts, pictures, videos or articles will be most popular, there are some basic guidelines to improve the chances of your content’s being shared. Here are five guidelines to consider. (PR Daily)


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