Entrepreneur Tara Joyce’s Radical Approach To A Profitable Business

Have you ever thought about how you approach life? Your mentality – one of abundance or scarcity – shows up in your work and business exchanges.

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  1. Think Abundance Instead Of Scarcity

    For Tara, mindset is everything. “Now let’s look at your language in an exchange with another: Do you come from a place of what you can give? Or what you can get?” She explains how “giving is a web that connects us. Being generous is our natural state. It’s only in our fear of scarcity that we have determined it necessary to control and fix the value of things, and ourselves.”

    Essentially, Tara believes entrepreneurs should think from a paradigm of abundance instead of scarcity. Innovators like Tara work with a paradigm of abundance which they constantly aim to improve upon. They aim to see the world as full of possibilities. They aim to focus on cultivating an attitude that gives freely. At the same time they have given careful thought to the boundaries and the best way to give and share within a way which they feel valued.

    They know how to reinforce their values and boundaries so they will not be treated as door mats. Yet they do not approach business expecting to be treated as door mats either. They constantly aim to cultivate an attitude of abundance by removing mental blocks that blur their worldview.

  2. Lead With Integrity

    Integrity not fear, secrecy or manipulation is your most rewarding wealth creation tool. By placing emphasis, in each business relationship, on creating an exchange that fosters integrity, innerpreneurs like Tara brand themselves exclusively and benefit from the repeat clients, customers and fans that follow.

    “If you are creating authentic value you aren’t selling a commodity; you are creating something truly distinctive, something completely unique,” Tara explains. “What people value they will pay for.” “Your integrity is your most valuable wealth creation tool and it takes daily practice to consistently make choices that support its growth.”


Innerpreneurs like Tara Joyce prove you do not have to segment your life into making money and being compassionate. If you are conscious of the systems within which you make transactions, you can do both well. You may or may not decide to experiment with pricing; however Tara’s experience is still applicable to your business. Imagine how we might change the world if we saw our work not just as a means to make money, but an opportunity to add real value and happiness.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Ebele Mogo is a writer, entrepreneur and scientist. At Street-Side Convos she hosts interviews, writes and offers free resources for people on the intersection of creativity, culture, entrepreneurship, and self exploration. Connect with @elasticmind and @ebyral on Twitter.


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