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Startup Best Practices #10 – Building Your Startup’s Institutional Memory

Institutional Memory/Knowledge is one of the greatest competitive advantages a business builds… But very few companies invest the time to create and maintain this internal library because it requires time and effort. We all bristle at the idea of keeping wikis and intranets up to date. Email transparency is the most efficient way of building Institutional Memory because it’s mostly passive and integrated into our existing workflows. (TOMASZ TUNGUZ)


Digital Advertisers Focus on Holistic Customer Experience

The shift toward mobile will occur this year in the two largest digital ad categories: search and display. US consumers now expect every digital experience to move as seamlessly across devices as they do themselves. Advertisers cognizant of this expectation are not only shifting budgets—they’re also moving away from device-specific strategies to a holistic strategy based on how, when and why a target audience accesses the internet, according to a new eMarketer report. (eMarketer)


Execute a Winning Customer Engagement & Commerce Strategy

Successful commerce experiences don’t happen by accident — they are carefully planned and executed. From the moment a visitor arrives, it is essential to welcome them in context and with the right brand voice to ensure a positive experience. The challenge is that shoppers exhibit different needs, biases and behaviors. As they shop, their intent and selection criteria continuously evolves. (Adobe Digital Marketing Blog)


Users’ Perception of Product Ratings (New Qualitative & Quantitative Findings)

Product ratings can be incredibly helpful to users. During our research studies we’ve observed how the test subjects rely on ratings to gauge a product’s quality or value – especially in verticals where they lacks domain knowledge or have little prior product experience. (Baymard Institute)


3 Components of a Successful Lead Nurture Strategy

It doesn’t take much to convince marketers and their sales counterparts that an effective lead nurture strategy is a critical piece of any modern B2B marketing mix. After all, according to Forrester Research, organizations with best-in-class lead nurture strategies generate 50% more sales ready leads at a 33% lower cost per lead. But there’s a big difference between acknowledging nurturing is a good idea and becoming best-in-class, and far too many marketers stop well short. (OpenView Labs)

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