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Weekly Buzz: Sit back, relax, and enjoy our curated reads. Here’s our weekly link roundup of small business buzz, musings and muchness. A curation of the best small business talk around the web.



Here’s To Strong Women: Juggling Motherhood And Entrepreneurship

“She’s got that whole earth goddess, warrior priestess, gonna save the world vibe (Unknown).” She’s a mom. She’s an entrepreneur. Which means she’s legendary. A rare breed of the best of both worlds. Because let’s face it – mom’s make great entrepreneurs. (YFS Magazine)


Co-founder feuds at tech startups show how handshake deals can blow up

Two Stanford University undergraduates shook hands in their dormitory in early 2011, agreeing to partner on what they hoped would be the next big technology startup. But as their dream came true, their simple exercise of trust became a liability when one co-founder was dumped. A flimsy foundation of oral OKs, napkin scribblings and youthful haste, it turns out, is a dangerous mix. And a common one. (DallasNews)


The Secret Sauce of Silicon Valley

Outsiders think Silicon Valley is easily replicable because they can put together the money or the engineering talent, but the critical component not easy to replicate is the general accessibility of its successful alumni base and their willingness to help the next wave of entrepreneurs. (Medium)


What entrepreneurs can learn from Amazon’s partnership with TaskRabbit

In late March, Amazon Home Services launched as a marketplace to connect customers with more than two million service offers across more than 700 professional services… Instead of tackling the industry on its own, it partnered with TaskRabbit to launch the new platform. This is a departure from Amazon’s usual practice of directly taking on competitors. The partnership was a strategic move, and it offers a lesson for entrepreneurs and business leaders. (VentureBeat)


Peter Thiel Is Wrong About Lean Startups

In his book Zero To One, Peter Thiel has some harsh things to say about lean startups. He writes that lean is “code for unplanned” and equates the Lean methodology to “making small changes to things that already exist.” … Contrary to these misguided characterizations, the Lean methodology is the closest thing to a scientific approach to startup creation that we have. (TechCrunch)


Avoid these 11 content marketing mishaps

As for “good” content, what constitutes “good” isn’t necessarily universal. (For example, I’m unusually critical of online statistics, but many people aren’t.) Here’s my point: A lot of the content marketing advice out there is either too broad or too specific to be of value to most people. I want to identify 11 content marketing mistakes you should avoid. (I’ll caveat that by saying that each tip should be specific, applicable to most and correctable.) (PRDaily)


22 Metrics to Discover Your Go-to-Market Priorities

There are no lack of things on your plate. Deciding on the right things to focus on is crucial to actually moving the needle (vs. wasting time and resources on unnecessary distractions). So how do you narrow your focus? It all comes down to effective prioritization… (OpenView Labs)


Brands Hear Women Entrepreneurs Roar

Look out marketers, there is a revolution coming! Women with money, power and influence are tired of having their needs ignored. Consumer-product companies don’t seem to get it and business-to-business vendors are even more clueless. Faith Popcorn, futurist, author of EVEolution: The Eight Truths of Marketing to Women, and founder and CEO of marketing consulting firm, Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve,  thinks there’s a huge pot of gold waiting for companies that meet the needs of women entrepreneurs. (Forbes)


3 Things Buyers Believe About VC-Funded Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur who received venture funds to grow and you now want to sell, there may be some preconceived notions standing in your way. There’s often a huge bias against venture-funded owners versus entrepreneurs who bootstrapped their growth customer by customer. Buyers often think that venture-funded entrepreneurs have been on easy street.



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