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The Real Reason People Aren’t Buying From You

Yes, this will force you to ask the hard questions. Yes, this may mean abandoning your original vision. Yes, this means you have to be prepared to listen to brutally honest feedback. And yes, you may get your feelings hurt. (Shopify)


Three Data Points on Email List Unsubscribe Patterns

Ultimately, the goal of most content marketing campaigns is email address capture. When a reader decides to receive content consistently via email, a content marketer knows they’re developing a deeper relationship with that person. Whether the marketers selling software or venture capital, retaining an email address is a victory. (TOMASZ TUNGUZ)


The Internet of Things: Tracking the ‘Cross-Everywhere’ Consumer

Digital identity is increasingly unwieldy. An ever-growing collection of emails, usernames, passwords and profiles are hard for consumers to manage and challenging for marketers to make sense of. The value exchange of services rendered for sharing identity data is also in constant flux. (eMarketer)


Signs Your Team Is Too Strong for Its Own Good

We talk about building strong teams as though there’s no upper limit — stronger is always better. But it turns out, you can go too far. It’s possible for a team to be too strong. In fact, one of the primary drags on organizational performance is the natural consequence of managers paying too much — not too little — attention to the strength of their own team. (HBR)


Mobile Pushes Past Desktop for Ecommerce Site Traffic

Between May 2014 and May 2015, mobile devices increased their share of US ecommerce site traffic by 5 percentage points to pass desktop for the majority stake, according to data from Branding Brand, which looked at retail websites specifically designed for mobile devices. This was thanks to smartphones, which expanded their lead over tablets from 14 percentage points to a whopping 25 points. (eMarketer)


How To Find, Vet And Hire A Software Consultant

If you are running a business, chances are you will need the services of a software consultant at some point. As startups become increasingly reliant on technology, the development of new and improved software systems can oftentimes improve operational efficiency and provide a competitive advantage in market. (YFS Magazine)


Startups Can Ask Investors For Cash Through Twitter

Your favorite internet startup might not just be using Twitter for business news and sales pitches in the near future — the US Securities and Exchange Commission has greenlit using the social network to drum up interest in future stocks and debt offerings. (Engadget)


4 Tips For Holiday Social Media Campaigns

Marketers are taking to social media to make the most of holiday marketing campaigns. Rightly so. A recent study conducted by Twitter shows that 64 percent of Twitter users have been influenced to purchase a product because of the social platform. What makes a holiday social media campaign stand out, especially when everyone else is hopping on the bandwagon? (PR Daily)


Should the Founder be the CEO of a Startup Until the End?

Some founders make great CEOs until the end, some don’t. And some (like me) love the first 5 years, first $30-50 million in revenue, leading the first 150 employees but don’t love the role after that point. So sometimes even if you want to stay put (as Reid Hoffman did) – it may make sense to bring on the new CEO that is more experienced and enjoys more the scaling / large growth phase of a startup. (Both Sides Of The Table)


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