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Here’s our weekly link roundup of small business buzz, musings and muchness. A curation of the best small business talk around the web.

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How Entrepreneurs Like Branson Hatch Their Best Business Ideas

Why is it, when the latest clever business idea from a smart entrepreneur takes the world by storm, the rest of us are left thinking ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ Often, the greatest innovations are simple solutions to problems that the rest of us spend a lifetime scratching our heads and getting frustrated over. (Forbes)


Can Companies Validate All of Their Customer Data

Big data management requires a big makeover. While recent research finds that most companies have moved customer information collection to digital channels, they struggle with inaccuracies due to poor, time-consuming validation systems. (eMarketer)


7 Ways To Significantly Increase Social Shares

The New York Times Consumer Insight Group released the results of a study into how people choose the things they share online. They analyzed the sharing habits of thousands of consumers, determining the most common reasons that people share different types of web content with friends, family, fans and followers. (YFS Magazine)


3 Media Training Mistakes To Avoid

Media training is invaluable to any spokesperson, on any issue, in any setting. That is, as long as it’s done right. Done incorrectly, it can damage the ability of your representative to communicate effectively and could harm the organization. Here are three common mistakes. (PRDaily)


How To Quickly Master Social Media Marketing For Small Business

It’s no secret that social media is here to stay and that its stake in the success or failure of a business is growing larger everyday. If you’re looking to ramp up your own presence and quickly master the art of social media marketing for business, follow these tips. (Forbes)


Startup Investment Trends in 2015

In the last six months, VCs have invested more than $57B according to Mattermark data, which puts 2015 on pace to exceed 2000 as the year the most venture capital will be deployed, ever. Which sectors are benefiting from all these venture dollars? (TOMASZ TUNGUZ)


No Money, No Supplies, No Workers: Life for Greek Small Business

As Greeks hope for the best outcome to the crisis shaking their nation, small businesses are preparing for the worst. (Bloomberg Business)


Real-Time Personalization Affects the Bottom Line

Marketers are responding to consumer demand for personalization through real-time efforts. April 2015 polling by Researchscape for Evergage found that 58% of marketers worldwide used real-time personalization—defined as data-driven personalization completed in less than 1 second. Among the 42% not using it, nearly eight in 10 intended to do so within the next year. (eMarketer)


Money Aside, Here’s How You Should Define Your Startup’s Value

Lately, there’s been much debate around the merits of private IPOs (whether they actually exist is another conversation) and the growing herd of unicorns dominating Silicon Valley. In fact, a report from CB Insights suggests that there are now 9 times more ‘private IPOs’ than actual tech IPOs. (OpenView Venture Partners)


How Greece Created Hades For Entrepreneurs And Crippled Its Economy: Lessons For The US

Greece provides an object lesson in how bad government can ravage an economy and consequently, a country. Over the last 20 years governments have steered the Greek economy 180º away from the direction that increases growth and productivity, and they have stifled entrepreneurs. U.S. leaders are making similar moves to a disturbing extent. (Forbes)


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