3 Steps To A Meaningful Morning Routine

Making progress and aligning the day’s events with an empowered outlook all starts with this single vibrant notion.

I have learned various transformational lessons. In a way, I’ve grown up watching people from all over the world follow their dreams and live a life that they love.

One of the most important lessons lies in what we do daily. There are positive habits everyone can implement to create a meaningful morning routine.

Making progress and aligning the day’s events with an empowered outlook all starts with this single vibrant notion.

Starting the day with a fiery eyed resolute and centered focus will forever remain as the home of clarity and deeply rooted gratitude. Here’s a look at 3 noteworthy steps towards creating your own meaningful morning routine.


  1. Create a positive thought process.

    What are the first thoughts that enter your mind upon silencing the alarm and awakening from your sleep? Are they the empowering words of self directed purpose, or the subtle whispers of gloom?

    In a cutthroat sense, how are you manifesting the initial moments of your day?
 The mental chatterbox that glides you from task to task has a secret trick that moves you into action; habits. 

Once conditioned, these habits become automatic, unconscious and at times, non negotiable. Side effects then include reeping the seeds of your harvest and repeating familiar habit loops.

    The essence of your positively directed affirmations rest within the realisation that we really are the masters of our fate, the painters of our own lives.

 Battling with negative thoughts first thing in the morning was once incredibly disheartening, especially when I was fully aware of the possibilities that were right in front of my nose. However, they were conditioned.

    After committing to a pessimistic diet, I decided to kick start the opposite of self doubt: positive expectancy.

 Here is my most up to date affirmation, what I choose to think the moment my mind springboards into action (which before now I felt would be embarrassing to share).

    Nevertheless, my passion to inspire outweighs limiting thoughts and this really made a difference in my conditioned thought pattern to affirm:

 “I, James Calder, can see, hear and feel my purpose of living a wealthy life, growing as a person and sharing inspiration.’
” Have a go at creating your own version and leave a comment on how it alters your perspective.

  2. Fuel your body and mind.

    This actionable step is at the pinnacle of long lasting vitality. It’s also separated into two ‘short and sweet’ principles that you will not regret implementing. First: Fuel your body with a metabolism boosting, nutritious breakfast and then, fuel your mind with instructional or uplifting information.

    If you’re already taking action on these meaningful steps, great! Be sure to spread the word. If you’re already in the office, barreling through all of those urgent tasks and rapidly depleting your focus, until your stomach begins to growl, then today is the day to condition the ultimate well-being strategy; create your morning “me-time.”

    If it seems impossible, I hear you. That first hour is jam packed with critical call-to-actions and demanding routines. However, life will just keep improving as you continue to improve. That means allocating the time to take care of yourself, allowing you to take greater care of those around you and those that you love. That means developing a morning routine that will nurture your overall well-being, both physicality and mentally. That means dedicating time, even if it’s only for 10 minutes, where your body is sufficiently fuelled to conquer and your mind is ready to deliver.

    Personally, I spend a total of 20 minutes consuming a nutritious breakfast, whilst reading a book. It’s a routine I still look forward to 2 years later.

  3. Practice a life of gratitude.

    This is where the magic happens and a powerfully engaged morning routine is forged, by mentally rehearsing or even counting out loud everything that you’re grateful for in that exact moment, whilst in the attainment process of everything you’re working for. The voice of gratitude quiets any sound of irrational thinking, entirely reshapes your state of mind and even alters the lenses on how you view the world.

    Expressions of gratitude are my go-to habit; it’s the gift that has consistently lifted me out of the lowest lows, all because of the conditioned response to “count to 10 things I’m grateful for” in the moments of bone crushing defeat.

 This meaningful morning routine is brief and takes anywhere between 1-2 minutes to incorporate, allowing your mind to focus on the aspects of your life that matter and that you appreciate.

    Gratitude has been my motivational mascot through thick and thin, so much that the subject has received a passionately infused mention in my upcoming book “The Journey of Self Belief: A story of failure and success.” Here is an excerpt from the book on the ‘Top Lesson Learned’ of Gratitude:

“When the hinterlands became especially windy and I was confronted with adversely dangerous conditions, I would seek shelter through packing up my bags and returning home. Not my home situated in the land of the Welsh, Cwmbran, but where I knew in my heart was my internal home, gratitude.” – The Journey of Self Belief (Release Date: March 2016)


On that note, here is my wish for you.

During your next opportunity at starting fresh, the very next morning that you awaken: a) Affirm the thoughts that make your heart sing and experience the day as your highest self; b) Light the match of your vitality and fuel your day with nutritious food for the mind and body
; and c) Express gratitude by simply viewing your surroundings, whilst respecting your untapped potential


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This article has been edited and condensed.

James Calder Page is an upcoming author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur based in the UK, South Wales. 

A volunteer with the Prince’s Trust, the UK’s leading youth charity and an Ambassador with Big Ideas Wales, supporting young entrepreneurship, James provides a voice of self belief to those seeking to build self-confidence, overcome the anxiety of limiting fears and follow their dream. Connect with @jamescalderpage on Twitter.


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