5 Reasons Shared And Serviced Offices Continue To Boom

These days, entrepreneurs can transition from working from home to a fully-furnished office at a prime location in a matter of weeks.

Photo: Rochelle Lazarte, copywriter; Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Rochelle Lazarte, copywriter; Source: Courtesy Photo

Today, running a company doesn’t mean the same thing as it did a couple of decades ago. Innovations such as shared, serviced and virtual offices, cloud technology, and lightning-fast Internet speed have changed what it means to operate a workspace and run a business.

These days, entrepreneurs can transition from working from home to a fully-furnished office at a prime location in a matter of weeks. Best of all, there’s no major investment, no moving-in woes and hassle-free turnovers. All of this is thanks to serviced office providers.

But exactly why are so many entrepreneurs, and even large enterprises, trading their conventional offices for serviced offices?


Serviced offices are cost-effective.

At the core of it all, serviced offices sell more than a prime company address for businesses. More than that, managed offices offer efficiency and accessibility. For many entrepreneurs and small businesses, these are crucial considerations. It means a lot to have access to an office that has everything you need when you are just establishing your business. Most importantly, you aren’t tied down by a long-term contract.


Leasing terms are flexible.

This is one of the major reasons why so many managed offices continue to pop up in major cities worldwide, giving businesses more room for flexibility. Changing workplace demands have created a new expectation for office structure as well. Serviced offices are able to cater this, as entrepreneurs are looking for more than a space where they can do their work.


Professional services are status quo.

Apart from a fully-furnished office, executive office suite providers also offer professional services. They understand entrepreneurs, specifically startups, will often need occasional help with secretarial and admin tasks, but aren’t looking to hire immediately.


Office layout boosts productivity.

One noteworthy aspect about managed offices is interior design that is geared toward creativity and productivity. With conventional office space, you need to figure this out for yourself. How you arrange office equipment and furniture can impact they way you work and first impressions from visiting clients and customers. A well-designed workplace environment not only increases productivity, but also boosts overall motivation and morale.


Fixed asset investments are minimal to none.

Small businesses are exposed to less risk when they choose a serviced office, in comparison to a conventional office space. This minimized risk is a result of included access to the land, building, office equipment, furniture, fixtures, Internet service access, and lessened paperwork. Serviced offices are focused on efficiency which makes them ideal for entrepreneurs and modern small businesses.


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