Taylor Swift To Your Karlie Kloss: 5 Apps To Find Your Business Bestie

The friendships that you keep for life, should be ones that make you flourish. In the age of technology, these five apps can help you spread your social...

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift and model Karlie Kloss are inseparable. They are the Thelma and Louise of Generation Y. Introduced by Swift’s close pal, model Lily Aldridge, they are the quintessential story of a famed best-friend-mance.

From strutting Victoria’s Secret’s esteemed runway, to a music video professing an allegiance of the violent variety, and a shared Vogue cover feature, these two girl bosses work and play together. Some might say they are a match made in Hollywood heaven. However, it is the profound friendship between our protagonists, that have “Kaylor” lovers awww-ing their every move.

It goes without saying that this is the kind of BFF that many girl game changers yearn for. However, before you meet your own storied ride-or-die bestie, you have to meet the right person. Which begs the questions: How do you say hi? What if you don’t like the same things they do? Where do you even meet?



From meeting, chatting and eventually forming a best friendship, these six apps will be there to help you find a business bestie and undying friendship you’ve always wanted.


1. Eventbrite

Eventbrite isn’t explicitly a meetup app, but it does include all the tools you need to navigate your way around a new town. From concerts, to gallery openings, to bar crawls, Eventbrite plays host to a range of social events and opportunities for you to lock arms with your potential bestie. Using their categories to sort through similar interesrs, they offer a variety of local events, guaranteed to have a built-in fan base of attendees. The social aspect of this app is all about joining a group of people, with similar interests, in one amazing place.


2. Friendable

Friendable’s power can be found in its dual focus on location and common interests. It’s an app where dog lovers can find other dog lovers and models can befriend songstresses. To begin your search, just notify Friendable of where you are. The app uses this information to provide location-based recommendations. Once you’ve searched and found some potential friends, you can easily chat and arrange meetups. The app even features local businesses willing to host a group soiree for your new friends.


3. Highlight

Highlight is staying in touch, simplified. This app helps you meet new people using your phone’s location services and keep in touch with old friends from all over the world. While our lives may not be filled with NYC parties and catwalks in Milan, we all struggle to make the time to stay in touch.

Highlight makes the process simple. If someone walks by you with a Highlight account, their profile becomes available for you to view commonalities and shared interests so you can meet and stay connected with the people you pass by everyday. If you happen to be abroad or in another city, Highlight will alert you to which of your existing friends are also in the area.


4. MeowChat

MeowChat lets you find online besties, worldwide. This cute app is primarily focused on chatting over the phone, though you can arrange an in-person coffee sesh should you find a cool new friend while you’re traveling. Wherever you are, you can find pen-pals in a one-on-one format or larger group chat. You can also share photos and videos, and play the best best friend game in this adorable Vogue original short. Chat and get to know anyone from anywhere in the world.


5. Meetup

Meetup is perhaps the largest site for BFF hunting, making it a powerful tool for getting around a new area. Whether you are looking for an entrepreneurship group or a cat lovers anonymous circle, Meetup can help you arrange large and specific outings with thousands of like-minded people who could turn into forever friends. With big groups of friendship-seekers, all looking to find friends in their area with similar interests, Meetup offers the quickest entrance into a large and specified gathering.


The relationship between Taylor and Karlie is much more than just a beautiful friendship – it’s about finding happiness and freedom in their high stress lives. The friendships that you keep for life, should be ones that make you flourish. In the age of technology, these five apps can help you spread your social wings, be free, and, of course, be an amazing BFF.


This article has been edited and condensed.

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