7 Budget-Friendly Business Ideas For College Graduates

Here are seven awesome business ideas for every fresh-faced graduate who doesn’t have a ton of capital to invest in a business.

Have you recently finished college, or are expecting to graduate soon? Congratulations! You’re one step closer to the “real” world of
 adulthood. However, your past work experience and job options may not easily let you reach your dreams, especially if you’ve got student loan payments on the horizon.

Launching a business of your own will help you handle your debts, while working with student loan consolidation lenders can also give your some welcomed assistance.

Here are seven awesome business ideas for every fresh-faced graduate who doesn’t have a ton of capital to invest in a business.


1. Writing and Editorial Agency

Are you good with words? You don’t have to be an English or Journalism major to make a good career in the online writing industry. A good business idea for
 literary enthusiasts is to start a content agency, where you offer writing, proofreading, and editorial services to clients. You can also work as an editor and hire other writers. Build a company website to promote your content creation services and use your personal blog to introduce your writing
 business to prospective customers.


2. Online Crafts Store

Are you an artsy person? Regardless of your degree, having an affinity for arts and crafts can become a viable business. You can open an
 Etsy or Storenvy store to reach a built-in, mainstream audience, and promote your wares via a Facebook brand page. The crafts market is hot right now … including personalized gift items, hanging signs and canvas art, knitted accessories, handmade jewelry, and a plethora of other
 DIY items. Selling unique crafts can be a good way to earn income without having to raise a lot of capital.


3. Accounting and Bookkeeping Firm

Are you an accounting major? While preparing for your licensure exams, you can get started with a consultation business. Small businesses with low
 budgets are the best clients for this kind of business venture, although technically you’re selling your professional services. You can hire an assistant
 who has an accounting background if you gain more clients in the future.


4. Graphic Design Agency

If you’re a multimedia arts student or just really good with Photoshop, you can start a graphics design agency and offer customized logo and graphic design
 for small businesses. It’s a huge plus if you’re a visual and digital art student because you probably already have all the necessary tools, programs, and
 software to get started.


5. Mobile App Development Company

Are you a computer whiz who has a lot of knowledge in coding and mobile app design? You can use these skills to develop apps or serve as a consultant for an
 app developer. Mobile apps are a hot business idea these days because of the increasing use of mobile devices and growing need for digital tools.


6. Photography Business

Do you like photography? Even if you’re not a photography student, you can start an amateur photography business if you have a high quality DSLR camera and
 an eye for photographic moments. Start with a website to showcase your portfolio online along with client testimonials, then enlist friends and family as your first


7. Food and Catering Business

This is a great business idea for everyone, not just culinary students. If you have a natural love for cooking, along with culinary flair, you will do well in this industry. Start by
 cooking for your friends and relatives on special occasions. The profit is good and you can keep the expenses for ingredients and tools low. The upside is that you
 spend plenty of time doing something you genuinely enjoy.


Now that you’ve got some good ideas to earn decent profit after college, you can pursue your professional dreams.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Charles Crawford is a high-level entrepreneur and co-founder of Crawford and O’Brien. Charles has been studying internet marketing, web design, and tech start-ups for years, and he has been successful with multiple business ventures such as affiliate marketing (where 98%+ of people never make money). Connect with  @crawfordobrien on Twitter.


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