10 Fitness Tips For Entrepreneurs, Traveling Around The World

Travelling isn’t always the easiest time to stay fit, but these hacks can add some fit #inspo to your next trip.

Traveling isn’t always the easiest time to stay fit, but these hacks can add some fit #inspo to your next trip.

Today, entrepreneurs travel often, domestically and abroad, and have little time to attend a gym or spend even an hour training. Travelling can be stressful and tiring, so in order to remain mentally and physically fit, health-conscious entrepreneurs need to perform intense exercises that go beyond what you would do daily.

Walking of course
 is better than nothing, but physicians even recommend that men
 and women in their 70’s should be performing some type of strength training program 2-3 days a week. So, while you’re in your prime, and running out of space on your passport here are 10 tips to help you stay healthy and fit
 while in route to your next destination.


1. Perform static stretches through the day

Static stretches
 are the ones where you place your body into a specific position and hold that position for 30 seconds or more. This type of stretching is the easiest to
 perform and has little impact on your joints, which means they usually do not cause pain afterwards. Static stretches allow more blood flow
 to your muscles and pulls your joints into their max range of motion. This increases flexibility and can prevents future injuries.


2. Push-ups and squats twice daily

A great way to wake your body up and get a kick start in the morning is by performing push-ups and squats. The push-up is an effective upper body exercise that targets all muscles from your
 shoulders down to your abdominal muscles. The squat targets your leg muscles, glutes, and
 abdominals. All of your joints will be put through a series of movement allowing you to remain flexible throughout the day. You can then perform them in
 the evening to burn extra calories e. This could possibly prevent fat gains from occurring.


3. Indoor cardio training

You do not have to go for a run outside to get an effective cardio workout in. Performing movements that heat up your body and elevate your heart rate will
 produce the same results as running outdoors. You can easily use jumping jacks and mountain climbers for an effective workout, or simply run in a place,
 making little movement around the hotel room. No exercise bikes or treadmills are necessary for this type of training.


Photo: © mimagephotos, YFS Magazine
Photo: © mimagephotos, YFS Magazine


4. Pack a resistance band

Resistance bands are cheap and easy to pack away. They are used to create resistance against your muscles so you are able to perform more exercises
 beyond those that use only your body weight. Choose a band that is light enough to perform all the desired exercises you have in mind, but also one that is
 moderate enough to place your muscles under enough intensity to strengthen them and your bones as well.


5. Make use of your hotel room

Most hotel rooms have a sturdy chair and sometimes even a couch. You can make use of them to intensify your workout program by performing exercises such as
 elevated push-ups, dips, or even attempt a military press using your luggage.


6. Stay motivated with a travel partner

People tend to train better when motivated by another person. While traveling you may have an associate or friend with you that can benefit from staying in
 shape as well. Perform exercises together and make it into a fun competition by seeing who can perform more push-ups or squats. There are other options as
 well such as performing partner based exercises like clasping hands together, leaning outward, and performing a squat. This encourages core muscles to
 activate against the challenge of the body being placed off balance.


7. Jump rope to make cardio a breeze

Along with resistance bands, consider packing a jump rope as well. They offer an
 intense cardio workout while increasing the strength in your calves and abdominal muscles. The easiest way to get a quick cardio workout in with a
 jump rope is performing them for one minute straight. Take a 30 second break, and then repeat this two more times. You will definitely feel the


8. Take the stairs

Strive to make time for some type of exercise. However, sometimes the day of an entrepreneur can become overbooked. In these cases, consider using the hotel staircase as opposed to the elevator. Simply put; walking up the stairs throughout the day burns far more calories than standing on
 an elevator. Plus, with the help of a bmr calculator, you can figure out the


Photo: © Dirima, YFS Magazine
Photo: © Dirima, YFS Magazine


9. Perform lunges in one minute increments

When you have a minute to spare consider performing lunges throughout the room until one minute has passed. This keeps your body in motion
 while creating an effective leg and core training that is more beneficial than lounging around in bed.


10. Throw in some abdominal training

People often seek to trim stomach fat and develop abdominal muscles. If you wish to achieve this then crunches and sit-ups are the easiest to perform, but you can also include lying leg raises, Russian twists, and even oblique
 crunches to help even out the waistline.


These ten fitness tips can be used for any trip. The most effective way to stay healthy is through proper nutrition and physical
 training. You do not have to devote hours to staying in shape. Simple movements as the ones discussed are all that is required for keeping in better shape
 than most on their travels.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Demmy James is a fitness buff, strength and conditioning specialist and content contributor with Muscle & Strength. He is constantly looking to inspire and motivate through his writings. Connect with @Muscle_Strength on Twitter.


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