Self-Discipline Will Make You Unstoppable — Start With These 5 Steps

There is no other way to success as an entrepreneur without self-discipline. You can’t pass "GO" without it.

Photo: Angel Troupe, founder of Success for Singers; Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Angel Troupe, founder of Success for Singers; Source: Courtesy Photo

There is no other way to success as an entrepreneur without self-discipline. You can’t pass “GO” without it.

That being said self-discipline is also the most complicated thing to master when it comes to entrepreneurship.

If you can crack the code on it. You can master anything that comes your way. And the truth is you can master yourself and choose the right course even when it’s hard.

Discipline is a learned skill and anyone that wants it can achieve it. However, as Psychology Today suggests, “the only way to improve your self-discipline is through intentional, dedicated practice. As with all types of self-improvement, change is difficult and it takes time.”

For instance, as a music business architect I work with musicians. Musicians are notorious for waiting for the right vibe when it comes time to get things done and often are distracted when it comes to discipline and its principles.

So, I started implementing these 5 tips and they have tremendously helped me and my clients get things done as we climb the ladder of success.


1. Make the commitment

You have to get your mind right and commit to showing up for yourself every day. There is no other way. It all ends and begins with you. If you want to be successful, you have to be consistent and productively work towards it.

Stay focused and remember what your goals are and why you are doing what you are doing. For example, write down and repeat 5-7 affirmations daily. They will help you stay committed by having your goals and why you can do this always on your mind.


2. Prioritize each day

Set a schedule and stick to it. On that schedule put what must be done ahead of leisure and other things. Know your weakness and plan for it. Time blocking is a great strategy to implement. It allows you to be most productive by laying out exactly what you need to be spending your time on.


Photo: © dglimages, YFS Magazine
Photo: © dglimages, YFS Magazine

Attack the things you know you are weak at or need help with first. This way you will feel confident about tackling all of your other tasks and you have gotten the most frustrating out of the way.


3. Take one step at a time

Sometimes if you look at the great big picture, you can easily become overwhelmed. Before you tackle the whole mountain just do what you can at that moment. If you have a really big task coming up break it apart and complete it in pieces. Make it more manageable for yourself.


4. Follow through

Do what you say you are going to do. Make your plans and execute them. Do not try to rationalize why you don’t need to or put it off to later. If you declared it, then stick with it. You made the decision now honor it. You will not be able to reach your full potential as an entrepreneur without follow through.


5. Reward yourself

Give yourself a pat on the back when you have accomplished something. Celebrate your small and big victories. Be proud of yourself. Once you see and celebrate and acknowledge areas where you’ve improved self-discipline it will push you to pursue even more willpower.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Angel Troupe is the founder of Success for Singers. She teaches singers how to make a living singing.
By leveraging the power of the internet Angel has been able to attain a successful music career and teach others how to do the same. Connect with @amelodyyyy on Twitter.


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