How To Keep Clothes Sharp While Traveling On Business

Travel can really mess up an outfit–but it doesn’t need to. Follow this business travel advice the next time you fly, and you’ll keep things looking both sharp...

The last thing you want to deal with on your next business trip is wrinkled, musty clothes. Ministry of Supply co-founder and CEO Aman Advani shares ways to keep your wardrobe fresh while traveling.

Photo: Aman Advani, co-founder and CEO of Ministry of Supply; Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Aman Advani, co-founder and CEO of Ministry of Supply; Source: Courtesy Photo


I was pretty chapped. It was my cousin’s wedding, and I had no idea how to pack my suit. I thought I did things the right way, but when I got to my destination and opened my suitcase, everything was a wrinkled mess. That story probably sounds pretty familiar, right?

Maybe in your case, it was an important conference, employee retreat or simply a vacation. Either way, you packed your bags, and arrived at your destination, unpacked and found yourself dismayed; your clothes looked like you’d slept in them.

Travel can really mess up an outfit–but it doesn’t need to. Follow this business travel advice the next time you fly, and you’ll keep things looking both sharp and professional.


1. Pack the right supplies

On your next business or leisure trip, especially an extended trip that involves multiple hotel stays, you won’t necessarily have access to a laundry room or dry cleaner. With this in mind, why not bring the laundry room along with you? Pack the following items for your next trip:

Spot cleaner

If you only bring one item on this list, it should be this. Whether you spill a bit of coffee during your morning commute or wind up with some mud due to an unfortunate slip and fall, one of these little beauties can be a lifesaver. Shout Wipe & Go Wipes are a safe bet.

Laundry bags

Reusable laundry bags are a great way to keep clean clothes separated from dirty ones. They can also keep your shoes far away from your clothing. Pack a few, and use them to stay organized. 
Jolt Gear Laundry Bags are a good option.

Portable clothesline

A travel clothesline, like this one, is a must if you want to do impromptu laundry on your trip. The alternative is spending several hours holding a hotel hairdryer–not exactly ideal.


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An aLoksak

aLoksak’s, heavy-duty watertight bags, are a great way to keep things waterproof. They’re also an excellent option if you need to do laundry in a pinch. Just fill them with water, add some detergent, seal the bag, massage, and soak for a bit. (I don’t advise doing this with anything that should be dry-cleaned, like suits for example.)

Lint brush

Whether it’s dandruff or dust, a lint brush is essential to keep debris off your clothing. 
Opt for travel friendly lint brush, like this Flint Reusable Lint Roller.

Travel steamer

A hand-held portable steamer can save your silk shirt from looking like it was ever folded into your suitcase to begin with. Our favorites are by HOMPO—they even have travel-size options available. Consider it your best (and most necessary) travel companion.


2. Unpack upon arrival

I’m sure you’ve noticed that hotels provide drawers and closets, right? Use them. Too often, I see friends and colleagues simply living out of their suitcases when they’re on the road. Don’t make that mistake.



No matter how well you’ve packed your suit, it’s going to end up wrinkled and messy if you leave it sitting in your suitcase for several days.


Take advantage of amenities

If you’re staying at a hotel, then there’s a good chance they provide more than breakfast and cable. Many hotels offer an iron, steamer or on-site dry cleaning– take advantage of these amenities.


Travel light, travel safe

Let’s wind things down with a few extra pieces of advice. 
Buttons pop off, hems and seams unravel–teach yourself to sew, and pack a mini sewing kit on your trip. Also, don’t be afraid to buy some new clothes if you can’t wash the stuff you’ve got; it’s probably cheaper than your hotel’s laundry service. And always account for the weather wherever your next destination takes you. Read weather reports a few weeks in advance.


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Aman Advani is Co-Founder and CEO of Ministry of Supply, a performance professional clothing company. Ministry of Supply provides a new way to dress for the office, with a system of wear-to-work clothing designed to take you further daily. Connect with @amanadvani on Twitter.






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