7 Standing Desk Ideas We’re Loving Right Now

Mounting medical research proves that if we stand up, sit less and move more, we can experience a number of health benefits.

By now, we have all heard how a sedentary lifestyle can wreak havoc on our bodies. Mounting medical research proves that if we stand up, sit less and move more, we can experience a number of health benefits.

We were designed to move. “In the mid-20th century, however, rapid technological advances (think: cars, TVs, computers, etc.) began chipping away at physical activity, and as technology did more of the heavy lifting, people became increasingly sedentary,” JustStand.org explains.

One of the largest studies on the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle involved 800,000 people. The research found that those who sat the most, in comparison to those who sat the least, had: 112% increase in the risk of diabetes, 147% increase in cardiovascular events, and a 90% increase in death caused by cardiovascular events.

JustStand.org studies suggest the average person is sitting (i.e., sedentary) 12 hours a day. We’d wager that number is higher for entrepreneurs –– especially if you work from home.


Standing desks offer a healthier way to work

Today, standing desks are beneficial and more relevant than ever. So to lead a healthier lifestyle here’s a look at seven standing desks we love. These standing desks are well-designed and a good reminder to get off our butts and keep moving.

Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk


The Jarvis Bamboo standing desk is the perfect adjustable height desk for both environmentally and aesthetically conscious entrepreneurs. Built with sustainable bamboo harvested without pesticides or fertilizers, its color comes from the kiln and not chemical dyes or stains. The LED programmable handset lets you easily adjust the height making this desk low enough for a child and high enough for a 6’7” future NBA all-star.

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Cooper Standing Desk Converter


While this is not technically a “standing desk” it will convert your current desk into one. Have a fixed-height desk you love… except for the fixed height part? The Cooper Standing Desk Converter lets you keep your favorite desk while also reminding you to get up and move. This standing desk converter also features a hydraulic lift so you can easily add 16″ of height.

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Sheldon Standing Desk

Sheldon Standing Desk

If you get stir-crazy sitting down all day, or you’re looking to improve your posture, this standing desk is a great addition to any home office. We love the clean lines of this standing desk and the openwork metal frame. The minimalist and industrial look with a reclaimed wood finish adds character to any space.

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Jarvis Evolve


This fully customizable standing and adjustable desk with drawers is a rare find. Select desk material, drawer color, frame color and add a matching standing desk chair. Stylish and practical, these standing desks are great for your home office or commercial office space.

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CB2 Stilt 42″ High Dining Table

CB2 Stilt 42" High Dining Table Standing DeskTo be fair, this is a dining table but imagine the possibilities. If you’re looking for a sleek and minimalistic standing desk with no fuss, this dining table converts well.

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Move 60 Series Standing Desk

Source: Bush Business Furniture, Birchlane.com

Create a healthy and productive office space with this affordable standing desk. This Move 60 electric adjustable height desk includes a power cord and smoothly lifts from a low of 27 inches to a high of 46.7 with the push of a button. Set your favorite heights with four programmable presets and choose the finish that works best with your decor.

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Executive Office Solutions Adjustable Laptop Desk

Executive Office Solutions Adjustable Laptop Desk

If you’re not quite ready to invest in a standing desk, this adjustable laptop desk is a great option. Whether you’re standing at your desk, sitting on the sofa, or lying in bed, this is laptop desk can easily help you work well in any setting. Set it on your desk and find the perfect setting to keep moving through the day.

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Bonus: ULINE Stand Up Desk

ULINE Stand Up Desk

If you’re looking for a purely functional standing desk, this ULINE stand up desk is simple to use with push-button control and four programmable heights. Powered by two quiet electric motors (10′ power cord), the telescoping legs adjust from 28½ to 48″ high.

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