Entrepreneurs should prioritize fitness

Here’s Why Entrepreneurs Need To Make Fitness A Priority

If you’re looking for a fresh health and wellness start, or reset, why not make fitness, friends, and family more of a priority this year?

Whether you’re a long-time business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, there’s no doubt you’ve got a million things on your plate including sales meetings, admin tasks, travel – you name it. That being said, it can become all too easy to neglect your health and wellness. This is why it can be hard to maintain a semblance of a social life or make time to exercise regularly.

For many of us, work is generally prioritized first. Friends and family come second, and fitness is pushed down the priority list.

If you’re looking for a fresh start, or reset, why not make fitness, friends, and family more of a priority this year? Here are some reasons why you should grab your trainers and a water bottle asap!


1. Find it easier to focus

Have you ever found yourself staring at a computer screen for hours on end? Then it’s highly likely your brain will start feeling fatigued, which makes it hard to concentrate during the day.

Regular exercise helps to alleviate fatigue and increases energy levels, which in turn, improves your mood, ultimately allowing for greater levels of focus, both in and outside of work. This happens through a number of different physical stimuli that occur when you’re exercising, including:

  • Your heart rate increases and your blood vessels dilating, which helps get more blood to your brain.
  • Your muscles engage areas of your brain related to fine motor control, driving oxygen and blood to the areas where it’s needed most.


2. Increase your energy and sleep better

Did you know that your energy levels and sleep are directly related? A study published by the Journal of Sleep Research discovered that people who are engaged in an “intense physical workout” over the course of a week were able to sleep better.

So how does sleep impact energy levels? Quite a lot as you can imagine. What this means is that if you’re able to start your day with a workout before heading to the office, not only will you be in a better mood, but you’ll also be able to deal with colleagues and clients better, and ultimately, get more done.


3. Feel less stressed

Working out causes your body to produce serotonin, a natural antidepressant responsible for the common phenomenon “runner’s high.” Your mood and how you feel about yourself can have a massive impact on your general performance and outlook on the day, so this is a significant benefit for business owners.

Fitness expert Travis Telfer says that “Starting my morning with a high-intensity workout has a noticeable difference for me when it comes to being able to tackle what the day brings. My mind feels clearer, I feel happier and more positive, and I find I can get a couple more hours of productivity out of myself before I start to need to wind down.”


4. Learning opportunities

If somehow I still haven’t managed to convince you that getting up that little bit earlier to hit the gym in the morning is definitely worth it, then think of it this way—gym time that can be spent learning about things that interest you. Whether it’s listening to a Japanese anime audiobook or a Tony Robbins podcast, hitting the treadmill can also be an opportunity for you to dive into another world before heading to the office.


Ultimately, your health and wellness is entirely up to you. Even though fitness may not be on your priority list, the benefits are undeniable. So, why not take action and start leading a healthier and more energetic life?


Luke Fitzpatrick is a Forbes contributor and a guest lecturer at Sydney University—in his past, he worked for startups in both South Korea and Australia.


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