Drop Your Phone – It’s Time To Take Dating Offline

You’d probably rather not know the truth about how much time you spend on your phone. Let’s be totally honest - dating apps are some of the worst...

You’d probably rather not know the truth about how much time you spend on your phone. It’s shocking to think how many hours we waste scrolling, swiping, and typing. Let’s be totally honest – dating apps are some of the worst offenders, gobbling up hours of your free time while you window shop for potential matches.

That’s why it’s pretty groundbreaking that The Inner Circle has opted for a totally different approach. They’ve cut out swiping, and eliminated all gamification tricks used by many apps to keep you hooked.

It’s pretty genius the way they do it, here’s how:


Real matches, immediately

You’ve got a business to run and goals to crush. Swiping is time-consuming and unproductive, instead you see an entire wall of users who are a quality match. The Inner Circle makes this happen by manually verifying each new member, checking that they’re got a detailed profile and high-quality picture. By showing you members you would have swiped right on anyway, you save time and can get straight to meeting new people.

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Every feature curated for offline engagement

They have identified all the popular bars, restaurants and clubs in your city and culminated them together in a list that is certified by other members. This way you can see who shares your love for the same cool bar and connect to them directly to meet for a drink there. Let’s be frank, it’s pretty convenient to already know someone’s favorite spot when you’re trying to move from online chat to a real life date.


Member’s singles events

Arguably the most successful of their online-meets-offline functionalities, these tailor made mixers are the answer to any single’s dating demands. Speed dating or awkward icebreakers are absolutely not what we are talking about. No, these are full blown parties where hundreds of eligible singles celebrate in some of the most sought-after venues worldwide. Members rate these as the best part of The Inner Circle, as they combine all the benefits of meeting someone in real life with the ease and convenience of apps.

So it’s hardly surprising that The Inner Circle is tearing up the online dating world. You can find a match in minutes, with the handiest offline dating tool-kit in your pocket.

See what’s going on in your city, gain access to the events in seconds and connect with genuine, like-minded people.

Register for The Inner Circle for free here.


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