Why You Should Definitely Hire A Car For Your Next UK Holiday

As a relatively small island, the UK is the perfect destination for planning an epic road trip.

As a relatively small island, the UK is the perfect destination for planning an epic road trip. Whether you live here or not, explore everything this fabulous country has to offer, from stunning lakes, to towering mountains, sandy beaches and bustling cities. Not to mention the endless cups of tea.

The UK has so much to offer, which is why hiring a car is an essential if you want to make the most of your time. Whether you’re visiting from abroad or exploring more of your home country, here is why you should consider a driving holiday.


Nothing beats the countryside

The English countryside is just as you may imagine. Packed with never-ending fields, roaming cows, picturesque quaint cottages, winding roads and red telephone boxes – it’s one huge collection of postcard scenes. Enjoy (hopefully) blue skies and sunshine, stop off at the nearest country pub for a delicious Sunday roast and meet the locals for a few words of wisdom. There really is nothing like it, the perfect way to unwind and breathe in that fresh countryside air.

Photo: Element5 Digital, Pexels
Photo: Element5 Digital, YFS Magazine


You can explore off the beaten track

One of the major benefits of car hire in the UK is the ability to explore off the beaten track and truly embrace adventure. While public transport can be good, it does limit you in terms of where you can travel to and can become quite inconvenient and time-consuming. The beauty of a road trip is the unknown, and you can’t go too wrong in the UK. Keep a good old-fashioned map in the car just in case you take one too many wrong turns, you never know when your phone’s 4G signal might fail you…


Getting around is easy

The UK is a small country in comparison to the likes of the USA which ultimately means it’s a lot easier to get from A to B. You’ll be surprised at how much of the country you can cover in a week or so. In just a few hours you can travel from the charming city of Cambridge all the way up to the dramatic scenes of the Lake District.

Having a car also means you’ll be able to explore England, Scotland and Wales, all of which have something magical and unique to offer. From the breath-taking Welsh mountains, to the beautiful Scottish Highlands, prepare to have your breath taken away.

Photo: Samuel Wölfl, Pexels
Photo: Samuel Wölfl, YFS Magazine


You can pack all of the essentials

Hiring a car allows you to keep all of your luggage in one place and pack all of the necessary essentials without having to worry about lugging it onto trains or buses. This is especially handy for families with children or dogs who may have extra baggage. It’s also ideal for anyone who may be travelling with any sports equipment or valuables that you want to keep safely locked up.


You can rock out to your favorite tunes

It wouldn’t be a driving holiday without a banging playlist! Start curating your perfect Spotify road trip songs and rock out to all of your favourite tunes in the car. You can enjoy all of your music in the comfort of a car which is a much more relaxing experience than an overcrowded bus. We can already hear the chorus of Born to Run blaring from the speakers!


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