Never Trade Health For Success: Five Simple Tips For Well-Being

It’s clear that young professionals often have a career first-mentality. But, the price you pay shouldn’t be your health.

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Is there anything else we can pile on to a young entrepreneur’s plate?

I was speaking with the owner of an early startup the other day. From pitching investors to leading a team to perpetual product development, you can imagine she’s pressed for time. Now we’re adding a pandemic on top of all that.

But what about time for herself?

Unfortunately, this is the dichotomy of many young professionals. On Instagram, people notice the professional growth, the success, and the pride that shines from hard work. But they rarely see the anxiety and self-sacrifice.

It’s clear that young professionals often have a career first-mentality. This is not wrong. In fact, I’d argue it is necessary for early success.

But, the price you pay shouldn’t be your health. If thinking about that adds another layer of stress, just remember the basics.



It affects every part of our health. It affects our mood. And it even affects how we age. So, work good nutrition into your life by keeping healthy food choices available. If fast food is your go-to while busy, try for healthier salad and sandwich options while skipping the fries and shakes. Consider healthier prepared meals available by mail.



Exercise benefits not only our physical health, but also our mental health. In a 2006 study, routine exercise was shown to decrease stress and anxiety of day-to-day life. I know it’s hard to work something new into a busy daily routine, but, somehow, exercise makes the rest of your tasks easier.



Sleep often takes the hit for success. That’s a bad trade. Researchers have shown numerous benefits of proper sleep, including increased speed of learning and dramatically increased creativity. Those are some superpowers you certainly want on your side.

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Photo: Fizkes, YFS Magazine


Routine Maintenance

Just like a car needs an oil change on a set schedule and a carwash after some use, so does your body. It’s important to be consistent with maintenance. See your physician annually for checkups and your dentist every 6 months. Seeing your healthcare providers regularly reduces the anxiety of having medical or dental surprises. Be sure to practice good daily oral hygiene. Studies have linked periodontal disease to some severe health concerns including cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia.



In a 2015 graduation speech, Matthew McConaughey spoke about the importance of checks and balances. The big takeaway was that family time needs balance. He notes that just like you wouldn’t want your business in the red, you can’t leave your time for your family in the red. The point is dedicating time for yourself and your family. Have date days with your significant other, spend time with your kids, and cherish time with your parents. Those moments are not only precious, they can also boost your health and overall sense of well-being.


As a reconstructive dentist, I can confirm the basics outlined above can help you keep smiling your way to entrepreneurial success.


Dr. Charles Sutera , FAGD, is a doctor of dental medicine, TMJ specialist, board-certified in moderate dental anesthesiology, and renowned for high profile cosmetic dental reconstructions. He is a certified Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry and is the founder of his dental practice, Aesthetic Smile Reconstruction.


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