Relationships Can Be the Cornerstone to Happiness

Forging meaningful relationships can become a cornerstone to our happiness. The connections we build can make all the difference.

Relationships are foundational to what it means to be human – forging and maintaining connection with those around us is what keeps us grounded and centered.

This goes for all kind of relationships – business, family, friends, and partners. There are countless books, programs, websites, and courses devoted to teaching individuals the keys to meeting (and keeping) their partner – and happiness. But many of these resources fail to mention is the basis of their how-to guides are simply rooted in common sense mixed with a little intuition.

It is human nature – and the nature of love, for that matter – to become vulnerable when one decides to love. Like most things in life, there will always be hurdles to jump and bumps in the road, but relationships not only enhance happiness in our day to day lives, but they can completely magnify the quality of our lives.


The best relationships have visible cracks

Romantic relationships, in particular, are hard – nothing worth having comes easily. Some people might find themselves caught up in a verbally abusive relationship that gradually progressed into one filled with domestic violence and ending with expensive family law attorneys.

Yet, the right relationship, with the right person, is entirely worth all the cracks that may form along the way. After all, the most ancient cities in the world are riddled with cracks, that only enhance their exceptional beauty over time. Cracks do not have to cause the foundation of a relationship to come apart, but rather they can set it apart from all others…and strengthen it.

There are so many exciting moments in any relationship. Those first dates where the honeymoon phase is in full swing are the moments where two people get to connect and learn all the things about their potential partner that make them who they are. When they hang out with one another’s friends for the first time, they get the chance to learn who their new partner is when they are with the people that they trust the most. And then the pivotal moment when they meet their partner’s family, and all the little intricacies about them suddenly make sense.

Going away on weekends and long vacations and seeing the world together changes both people – in the best way. Moving into the first apartment or home and merging not only the concept of life together, but the material possessions that each person treasures. Then a life changing moment in the relationship eventually comes…when two people mutually decide they want to spend the rest of their lives together.

All these moments in any relationship are special (not to mention the little, specific moments that are unique to that relationship), but they do not come without their challenges. There will always be arguments, there will always be differences of opinion, whether you are engaging in adult chat or a relationship. Relationships work when the two people in them work for each other. The bond is often shared due to everything they have in common, or their opposite nature and common ability to bring out the best in one another.

The challenges can sometimes feel like the weight of the world on small, fragile shoulders, but the good news is that there is a solution for every problem – even if that problem starts out feeling more complicated than is possible to manage.

There is so much advice on how to handle these inevitable issues, and not all of it comes from the best sources. In all honestly, yes, there are many experts that claim to have guides and programs on how to maintain a happy relationship, but the reality is nobody needs these guides to be happy in their relationships.


Invest in relationships

Genuinely happy couples invest time to keep their relationship alive, even when it feels hard. Being with the right person should make all the hurdles feel inconsequential, because no matter what, at the end of the day the perfect person will weather the storms with you, not run for shelter and leave you out in the cold.

When unease occurs in business or romantic relationships, taking a step back from conflicts is one of the most valuable and beneficial things one can do. In saying this, it is also important to know when to confront conflict head on – knowing when to pick your battles is one of the most fundamentally rewarding decisions you can make. Not only for yourself – but for your relationship.

Talking about the things that make us thrive is great, but there is something to be said about discussing the what makes us unbalanced too. There is nothing better than coming home from a challenging day at the office and having someone you can confide in and be close to.


Relationships are a cornerstone to happiness

Finding someone that makes your happy place even happier (cheesy, but true). There is nothing in the world like being in love with your best friend, nothing like laughing every single day with and at each other – but even our best friends can drive us a little crazy at times. That is why taking the time to focus and connect with each other is vital to maintaining the happy bubble.

Forging meaningful relationships can become a cornerstone to our happiness. The relationships that individuals have with not only their business partners, customers, employees, family, friends –– and their partner –– can make all the difference in overall quality of life.

There are multiple things to consider when working through a relationship – from keeping communication open and honest during rough periods, going out of one’s way to be spending quality time with one another, and making the extra effort to show how important one’s partner is to them.

There is no feeling in all the world like being in love – it will challenge you, and it will change you. It will undoubtedly be one of the best decision you could ever make.


Craig Lebrau is the CMO of Media Insider, a Wyoming-based PR company that aims to disrupt the way companies communicate their brand in the digital era.


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