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Meet the IB2 Leaders Making Alumina Refineries More Efficient and Greener

Paris-based IB2 boasts 250 years of combined industry experience and is shaking up the bauxite refining world.

Demand for aluminium metal and industrial uses of alumina have risen in recent years. As a result, supply chain leaders that specialize in bauxite mining and alumina refining are highly sought-after partners.

Industries are shifting gears quickly to embrace cutting-edge tech and revamp their operations. Equally, the bauxite industry has been waiting for true innovation over the last 50 years. However, IB2 a designer and supplier of green technology for Alumina, has positioned itself as a key leader and industry innovator by supplying innovative and revolutionary technology to refine alumina with low-grade bauxite.

Paris-based IB2 launched in 2014 and is precisely what the bauxite industry needed. The IB2 team boasts 250 years of combined experience and has shaken up the bauxite refining world. They’re giving the usual process a fresh coat of paint and making it greener to boot. The company’s unique approach puts IB2 in a league of its own.


Yves Occello

IB2 CEO, Yves Occello is a 40-year veteran of the bauxite and alumina industry. He’s worked in key leadership roles for Pechiney, Alcan, and Rio Tinto. Yves has also been deeply involved in the practical side of things, leading with big ideas. His academic achievements include a master’s degree in chemical engineering and a recipient of an honorary Director role at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Bejing.


Julien Firmenich

Julien Firmenich serves as the head of the board and brings a unique perspective to IB2. He has held various positions in the Firmenich group. He has managed the chemical, natural, and biotech ingredients portfolios and the R&D division’s ingredients pipeline. Julien holds a Masters from HEC Lausanne and an MBA from INSEAD.


Romain Girbal

Romain Girbal IB2’s Managing Director started his career in the finance division at Glencore and later co-founded Alliance Minière Responsable, a company that’s known for doing sustainable mining in Africa. His hard work made Alliance Minière Responsable one of the world’s top bauxite producers. Romain studied Business Law and Management at HEC. He has also studied at Harvard Business School’s OPM Program.


Pierre Menard

Pierre Menard has recently joined the board. He represents Otium Capital, a renowned investment company that has made investments in IB2. Pierre brings a wealth of experience in managing industrial ventures. He has previously held positions at Boston Consulting Group and ALIAD Venture Capital. Since 2022, he has been managing industrial ventures at Otium Capital.


Luc Vuillen

Luc Vuillen is the company’s CFO. He’s the finance expert of the team. Luc has been a part of several leading financial institutions, including Société Générale, Lehman Brothers, and Tikehau Capital. He is also a former JP Morgan banker. Since 2021, Luc has joined IB2 as the Finance and Administration director.


Chloé Matte

Chloé Matte has served as a member of the board from day one. She has an interesting background, from optimizing supply-chain projects to holding a scientific advisory role. Her diverse experiences bring a lot of creativity to IB2. Chloé studied at Ecole Polytechnique and received a Master’s degree from UC Berkeley.


These remarkable business leaders, each with distinct journeys and expertise, converge to lend IB2 its unparalleled distinction. Their vast, unique and combined experiences are the driving force behind IB2’s work towards a cleaner, more efficient, and better future for everyone.


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