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YFS Magazine - Dell Welcome Ad 970x700
WELCOME AD | 970x700
YFS Magazine – Welcome Ad 620x700
WELCOME AD | 620x700
WELCOME AD | 640x480

Ad Specs And Creative

Welcome Ad


each influential small business decision makers with a high impact Welcome Ad. YFS Magazine’s Welcome Ad unit grabs reader attention with sitewide visibility and provides 100% share of voice and competitive separation – delivering access to premium digital real estate on the homepage and run of site (above the fold).

An A/B Split Test analytics package is available to experiment with optimizing engagement, conversion rates, and more at an additional cost. Inquire for details.


Creative Unit Name: Welcome Ad

Ad Sizes (Viewable): 640×480, 620×700, 970×700

File Size: 150KB max initial file load size, subsequent polite load is 200KB

File Type: JPG, GIF, PNG (static); or 3rd party tags in JavaScript format-only (i.e. DFA, Atlas, Mediaplex, MediaMind, etc.)

Max Animation Length: 15 seconds; 3x loops max

Frame Rate: 24fps max

Behavioral Technology: OnLoad, OnScroll, Exit Intent, Inline Article Start, Inline Article End

Cross-Device Response: Yes

Call to Action URL: Yes (Clean URLs only. E.g., www.domain.com/signup; tracking URLs not available)

Submission Lead Time: Minimum 3 days prior to campaign launch


File: Send file(s) using Dropbox or provide a direct link to creative assets.

Call to Action Phrase(s): Get Started, Sign up, Sign up Free, Learn more, View Demo, Start a Trial, Join Free, Claim your Free Trial, Shop Now, Schedule a Visit, Book a Class, etc.

Call to Action URL: Links MUST be clean URLs (i.e., semantic URLs) that are readable and intuitively represent the underlying resource as well as relevant to the subject matter of the advertisement (An example of a clean URL is: yfsmagazine.com/startups/top-startup-tips/).


Learn more about this fully customizable premium advertising unit to introduce new products and services to small business decision makers.

Rate Card

Impressions based.
The number of times your ad is viewed on yfsmagazine.com


Welcome Ad is an premium ad unit that is featured Homepage & Run of Site (ROS) – above the fold.


Analytics (impressions delivered, average engagement, and total plays) are available for this ad unit. An A/B Split Test upgrade package is available upon request.