Melissa Dawn Johnson on Turning Every Ounce of Passion into Profit

Go behind the scenes with entrepreneur and author, Melissa Dawn Johnson - a Global Branding and Personal Transformation Strategist. Learn how Johnson, also an international on-air contributor to...

“Where can I find more customers?” Potential buyers and/or clients can seem to be elusive. One of the primary challenges that every small business entrepreneur faces is identifying new customers. The primary function dedicated to this process is often misunderstood and under-utilized practice … called marketing.

Marketing is the not-so-secret sauce behind every well-built and profitable brand. Simply put, it is a process of gaining market intelligence, selling products/services and promoting them further to impact sales. The marketing function is extremely diverse, an art and a science, and therefore it is generally the last area of business that entrepreneurs address. However, marketing is truly essential to the sales process which is necessary to turn a profit.

More often than not, marketing and then enhancing your company’s perceived value via branding requires specialized focus. If we are perfectly honest with ourselves – we don’t fall in love with companies, we fall head over heels for brands.

With a wealth of brand-building knowledge under her belt, Melissa Dawn Johnson set out to leverage her branding expertise with the creation of Velvet Suite Marketing and soon after, Brand Me International.

Learn why Johnson, a two-time entrepreneur, suggests that you “use every ounce of passion to turn a profit and become brandtastic.”


Company: Velvet Suite Marketing & Brand Me International

Founder: Melissa Dawn Johnson

Location: Atlanta, GA

Startup Year: 2006 & 2008

Startup Costs: $17,000


How I Got Started

I started the business in my living room. I leveraged my expertise in building brands after working on award-winning campaigns and being a part of the launch teams for brands such as Nationwide, Victoria’s Secret, Swiffer, Mr. Clean, Cascade, Swiffer, Dawn, Mr. Clean and more. I developed and executed a business plan. Worked my relationships and stood on the credibility of my proven track record. I walked in faith and used every ounce of passion to turn a profit.


Best Success Story

I have had several. Since launching both companies we have continued to have incremental growth year after year. We have developed strategic partnerships, secured seven figure deals for clients and built the brands of more than fifty individuals and/or companies.


Biggest Startup Challenge

Learning how to operate as a business on a lean budget. We had to develop an infrastructure that would allow us to grow and move beyond my own human limitations.


#1 Tip for Entrepreneurs

Establish a clear vision and purpose. Develop a plan and pursue your vision with every ounce of passion you have. Work with others who have had the experience, get coaching and gain clarity and direction for advantage in business.


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