QR Codes, Small Business Marketer’s Dream

What is the hubbub over this hyped up barcode?

What is the hubbub over this hyped up barcode?

“A QR code (short for Quick Response) is a small, square barcode with a special matrix code or two-dimensional code, readable to dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones (Wikipedia).” With a barcode scanner app installed in your phone, you can point your phone’s camera at the QR code, and be able to retrieve information from web addresses and URLS, displaying text, or other bits of information. In Japan, QR codes are used in cemeteries on grave markers. Creepy, no–it’s an excellent use of this technology. Read more about QR codes on Wikipedia.

What’s the appeal of QR codes?

It actually isn’t new technology but it has been a slow climb to reach the masses. QR codes can be found almost everywhere from artwork to interactive marketing campaigns. A February 2011 survey conducted by MGH Advertising Agency in Baltimore on QR code usage and interest, data shows that consumers are interested in interacting with advertising that bears a QR code – thus the promise of additional benefits in the form of details, coupons, videos, sweepstakes social media interactions. Also, QR codes can help an ad break through the clutter by increasing the chance it will be remembered..

What does it offer communications professionals?

QR codes offer communications professionals new out of the box ways to connect and use traditional with merging technologies.  Personalized QR codes can be added to anything from resumes, business cards, or marketing materials. The option to add a QR code to a resume not only provides more information but shows the potential employer that you are indeed up on technology trends. Communications professionals can also use QR codes with traditional approaches.

According to the Bad Pitch Blog,

QR codes have their place. Pushing to bonus content has utility, an element of surprise/discovery and can be a smart add to communications.

I agree and even have a QR reader on my iPhone lest I run into someone pushing content via QR code. I’m already scan crazy (you know that crazy woman at Target checking the sales price on every item–yup, that’s me). I love the immediacy of a QR code–instantly I have access to more information and that is why QR codes are becoming more and more popular–that instant gratification.

Are you using QR codes? What do you think is the future for QR codes?

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