10 Signs You’re an Entrepreneur

Here are ten dead giveaways that indicate you belong to a exclusive members only club where clout is in high demand, sleep is overrated and “business shabby” is...

Last Update: November 19, 2014

Entrepreneurs are different from everyone else. Generally, we don’t prescribe to the status quo and because we think differently – we act differently. Most importantly, we can’t hide the tell-tale signs that allude to the fact that we’re a genius on a mission of madness – world domination.  Or perhaps you’ll settle for your own little piece of a continent.

Whatever the case may be, here are ten dead giveaways that indicate you belong to a members only club where clout is in high demand, sleep is overrated and “business shabby” is suitable attire.


1. Let’s just say, there’s no shortage of self-confidence here.

I’ve yet to meet one self-loathing entrepreneur, and I am pretty sure some could be perceived as entitled narcissists. Whichever side of the spectrum you fall on, confident entrepreneurs do “it” better. Honestly, if you don’t believe in yourself – don’t expect anyone else to. But don’t forget the occasional slice of your grandma’s warm humble pie.


2. You’ve got clout.

No not the social media Klout Score – well yes, you’ve got that too. But most importantly, entrepreneurs intrinsically know how to connect the dots. You pull together partnerships out of the most unlikely places. Influence whether learned or second-nature is essential to take your business from zero to hero.


3. Federal holidays just aren’t that cool.

If you were once a corporate bean counter, long gone are the days of wistfully staring at your cubicle calendar counting down to your next escape. These days – your schedule is yours and federal holidays just aren’t what they were once cracked up to be. If you’re location independent, heck you can “work” from anywhere.


4. Sleep is antiquated.

Once you find your “hustle” and “flow” – you decide to rest when your body needs it. But inspiration at 3am is an adrenaline rush. Who has time to sleep at a startup? No one. Grab a pillow and take a nap over there … under your desk.


5. You will gladly work for free, for shoes or game tickets at first.

You are motivated beyond the paycheck — this is heresy for most corporate folks. But, successful entrepreneurs have all gladly done what they love (fulfilled their passion) for free at the onset of their startups. Passion doesn’t really seem like “work.” Don’t forget, some people dream of success… while others wake up and work hard at it (Anonymous).


6. You like to run things.

You like to be in control – in command, to manage to organize… whichever connotation helps you sleep a bit easier at night. If you don’t agree – why did you choose entrepreneurship? I’d wager that your responses will include some degree of control – of your finances, future, time, etc. But remember sensei, “He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still (Tao Te Ching).”


7. It can always be better – and you make sure it is.

You’re motivated to outperform yourself – not others. Your standards are high and “your talk can write a check that anyone can cash!” While perfection is unattainable – you’re pretty bent on getting close. Entrepreneur Matthew Torren, over at YoungEntrepreneur.com, said it best, “Less Talk, More Action.”


8. You’re unemployable and that’s a positive thing.

Often classified as independent, maybe you suck at office politics and were known to “rock the boat.” Either way, why fool around on the playground when you can own the land it sits on? The experience and life skills that an entrepreneur gains trumps a 9-5 any day.


9. Your dress code is shabby chic.

Your suits are collecting dust. While it is completely appropriate to pull one out for a client meeting, most of the time you wear what you want – when you want. If you’re at a tech startup, forget dress code altogether and go “business shabby.”


10. You’re a little mental.

The Startup Centre’s, Vijay Anand reminds us that we “have the innate ability to create something out of nothing. What is stuck in our head most times is a reality that is only relevant and known to us and no one else quite gets it.” I’d say that’s a pretty astute assumption. But your genius-madness is a redeeming quality, one which most of the world wishes they had.


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