Jason Goldberg: 21 Things We Learned in 130 Days at Fab.com

Jason Goldberg, the Founder and CEO at Fab.com, shares 21 insights and lessons that he and his team have learned their first 130 days in business.

One hundred and thirty days ago Fab.com, a home decor flash sales site that features daily design inspirations and sales of up to 70% off retail, didn’t even exist. Jason Goldberg, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Fab.com, shares twenty one lessons that he and his team have learned along the way.

  • 130 days ago, Fab.com didn’t exist.
  • Now, We’ve Got 750,000 Members, 3M Visits/ Month, $100K sales days.
  • It’s Humbling.
  • It’s Exciting.
  • It’s Challenging. We never imagined we’d grow so fast.

21 Things We’re Learning As We Go

1. Do 1 Thing. Find 1 thing you can do really well and focus entirely on that one thing.

2. Say No! Don’t do any thing else except for your one thing. Say no to meetings, ideas, proposal, b.s., outside of your core 1 thing.

3. It’s Always All About The Product. Our virtual products (website & apps) and physical products (design objects) must delight every day.

4. Keep it Interesting. No one comes back to check out the same thing every day. Keep it fresh, exciting, and unpredictable.

5. Make People Smile. We’re not in the design sales business, we’re in the design inspiration business. Inspire people and the sales will come.

6. Service Matters More Than Sales. Sales go up and down. Service lasts forever.

7. Do Whatever It Takes To Make Customers Happy. Get it right and they’ll tell their friends. Get it wrong and they’ll tell the entire world.

8. Make Mistakes Take risks. Move fast. Learn faster.

9. Recover Quickly.

10. Apologize. Own your screw-ups.

11. Strive to Have Your Customers LOVE Every Interaction With Your Company. Push your team to live this dream.

12. Celebrate Your Challenges. Force the team to focus on why you suck, even while you’re growing.

13. Don’t Focus Too Much on the Vision. Winning is all about execution.

14. Be Transparent. The more people know, the better.

15. Measure Everything.

16. Grow Your People. Coach your team to scale with the opportunity.

17. Fill Your Gaps. Bring in new talent to spur further growth.

18. Hire Smarter. Hire people who are better at their jobs than you ever could be.

19. Maintain Perspective Success is fleeting.

20. Say Please & Thank You. People do things because they want to, not because they have to.

21. Have Fun. Life’s too short to do it any other way.


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Jason Goldberg is Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Fab.com. Prior to founding Fab, Jason was Chief Product Officer at XING AG and the Founder and CEO at socialmedian (sold to XING AG) and Jobster. In a prior life, Jason spent six years working 100 hours a week for Bill Clinton in the White House. Jason has an MBA from Stanford University.


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