The Coolest Brands: 18 Ways to Make Your Brand Cool

When you think of some of the world’s coolest brands which companies come to mind? Entrepreneurs share insights on what makes a cool brand.

7. Grab attention with your bio

When writing your short bio to attract clients and other opportunities, spell out your greatness and broadcast your brilliance to capture your ideal client’s attention.   Focus on who you serve, the results you bring, and why you are the best available expert to solve important problems for which clients are prepared to invest real money.  Leave “alphabet soup” at the curb and make every word count so your client can see the value without reaching for the dictionary.

Nancy Juetten, Chief Publicity Officer at Nancy S. Juetten Marketing Inc. @NancyJuetten


8. Use unique techniques

If you want to stand out, you must zig when people zag. Take a problem or situation that all or most of your target market faces and use creativity to show how your product or service solves that problem better than anything else out there. Pick something to be known for and focus on promoting that one aspect above all else. Use marketing techniques that are outside of the box. The kind of techniques that will make people think, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Heather Lopez, Owner at Become Better Brands


9. Create a vocabulary

In order to transform yourself from an expert into a brand, you must use words and phrases that are unique to you. Just as Rachel Ray now owns “yum-o”, Sandra Lee created “semi-homemade,” Oprah put her own twist on a woman’s private parts, and Paris dictates “that’s hot”, you have to do the same. Words and expressions catapult your brand into a legacy.

Liz Goodgold, Branding & Marketing Expert at Red Fire Branding @LizGoodgold


10. Be consistent

Once you have decided how you want people to think and feel about your brand and worked out what you need to do to get them thinking that way, then be ruthlessly consistent in the way you deliver. Inconsistency of message and experience is a fatal impediment to any brand.

David Robertson Mitchell, Owner at dna-rb Ltd @DavidRMitchell


11. Tell a story

If your company was a person, what characteristics would that person have? Would they be funny, serious, young, male, etc? Now start creating content (blog posts, videos, white papers, etc) from the viewpoint of that character. A littler personification goes a long way – just look at Apples Mac vs. PC campaign.

Eugene Farber, Founder at Content Strategy Hub


12. Center it around a mission

Apple did this perfectly when they made their brand and centered it around the mission of innovation, making science fiction a reality. People want to belong; if you build a brand based on this, your brand will not only be successful but will also stand the test of time.

Sophie Gold, Founder and Executive Producer at Eleanor @SophieGold


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