How to Make Your Promotional Event a Success

Here are seven tips from event planning specialists to help you refine your promotional strategies and make your next event a huge success.

Do your marketing plans include special events?

A successful promotional event will garner media attention, attract brand influencers and maximizes awareness. Whether you’re planning to recruit headlining speakers, introduce a new product or simply build and reinforce relationships, make your event more successful and integrate proven tips.

Here are seven tips from event planning specialists to help you prepare, refine your promotional strategies and make your next event a huge success.


1. Be organized. 

Know how your budget is being spent.  Your budget should be itemized by category into percentage over total (how much is food, staff,etc.). Also, it is always important to have professionals at the door to manage guest check-in. So many people want to rub elbows and try to cross the velvet rope.

Pamela DePalma, President at DePalma Enterprises, Inc.: @DePalmaPR

2. Make it special.

Make everything personal to each guest or the company. Incorporate little details to make it even more unique to the attendees, and always make a splash at the end. Lasting memories of the evening that people will walk away with are the cherry on top.

Jaime Geffen, Co-Owner at YourBASH! Inc.: @YourBASHJGeffen

3. Highlight your industry.

Business events should center around the industry the business is in. If you are a gadget company, your event should showcase all the latest and greatest gadgets on the market, maybe some ideas for new ones. In addition, your decor should reflect the industry as well, keeping it fun and lively. Staying on top of trends and current events is the best way to achieve that.

Melissa Fife, Owner at Events by Missy & Company: @EventsbyMissy1

4. Prepare for disaster, just in case.

Have a risk plan in place for every event you do. Your attendees’ safety and comfort are your responsibility so you should be prepared for any risk whether it is a slip and fall, a 10-minute power outage in a storm, or even a tornado destroying your venue.

Your risk plan should address proper insurance coverage, communication, evacuation, media and recovery.  Risk is unavoidable but you can be prepared when it happens…being prepared could save lives and keep you from going bankrupt.

Traci Browne, President at Red Cedar Marketing and Events: @TraciBrowne

5. Use technology to enhance the experience.

We all have cell phones in our pockets, so use them to your advantage by incorporating twitter hash tags, mobile-friendly microsites, or live voting.  Consider dynamic electronic signage as an alternative to the tired old pop-up, and find creative ways to use familiar technology like iPads.

Live events have a power that will never be duplicated by virtual events, but face-to-face interaction can be greatly enhanced by embracing tech. Plus, it’s a green alternative to all those binders and packets used in planning and registration.

Shannon Morrison, Creative Director at IM Creative: @I_M_Creative

6. Give the guests what they want.

Know your audience and why they are coming to the event. Once you know what attendees want (i.e. entertainment, networking, etc.) we can deliver the experience properly. You always want your guests to walk away inspired and excited by an event and associate that excitement with your brand.

Cara Kleinhaut, Owner at Caravents: @Caravents

7. Keep people talking.

The key is to create an event that really becomes gathering place for business professionals to network and foster dynamic, mutually beneficial business relationships. A tip that was once a staple, but is now considered left-of-center, is proper seating and name cards, particularly for business dinner parties.

Getting the right people in the room is just the first step. Getting the right people talking and linking to create viable new opportunities is another. Your job as the planner is to see the opportunities and guide the guests appropriately; assigning seating ensures you get the right people talking.

Kateri J. Harried, Principal at Klover Events: @KloverEvents


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