Entrepreneur Chelsea Krost Builds Millennial Lifestyle Brand

Learn how Chelsea Krost’s journey of self discovery led her to establish a multimedia brand and become a widely recognized resource on the teenage experience.

Where do you discover a new mission or message for your business? Have you looked at mainstream media lately and thought, “This is seriously flawed!”… And you have a solution? Challenging as it may be, defining a new message for a generation is achievable and one hardworking sixteen year-old did just that.

Enterprising teen, now college sophomore, Chelsea Krost endeavored to give teenagers a voice. In 2008, Krost launched Teen Talk Live (now known as “The Chelsea Krost Show”), a morning radio show that soon launched a multimedia company and millennial brand. “I was so sick of reading about teen train-wrecks,” Krost exclaimed. “I wanted to reinforce the message that young women don’t have to become tabloid clichés or reality show wannabes.”

Fast forward to 2011, and Chelsea has transformed her humble beginnings as a radio talk show host into a multimedia brand that encompasses her work as a TV journalist, author, motivational speaker, teen philanthropist, and national spokesperson for U by Kotex, a line of feminine hygiene products for young women.

Learn how Chelsea Krost’s journey of self-discovery led her to establish a multimedia brand and become a widely recognized resource on the teenage experience.


Company: Chelsea Krost and The Chelsea Krost Show
Founder: Chelsea Krost, 20
Location: New York, NY
Industry: Media
Startup Year: 2008
Startup Costs: $10,000


How I Got Started

My initial exposure to television and radio production was through a course I enrolled in as a 9th grader in high school. My hobby soon turned into a career when I decided that the teenage generation needed a platform to come together, voice their opinions and not feel alone. This was the initial idea behind, Teen Talk Live in March of 2008 (now known as The Chelsea Krost Show).

The show’s message, “Our voice. Our opinions. Our time to talk.,” was inspired by my life experiences and everyday challenges as a teenager. My goal was to provide other teens with a safe, non-judgmental outlet for sharing personal problems as well as global concerns.

I was so sick of reading about ‘teen train-wrecks.’ I wanted to reinforce the message that young women don’t have to become tabloid cliches or reality-show wannabes. My message is: “Individuality is cool. Don’t be afraid to buck the trends and be yourself. Change begins with you.”

I then pitched my radio show concept to 1230 WBZT AM radio. I looked at the station manager and said, “I am going to make AM radio cool, I am going to attract a whole new demographic to your station, and I am going to have the highest ratings on WBZT within the next year,” and I did.


Best Success Story

Little did I know that my small morning radio talk show would blossom into a full-fledged career, introduce me to incredible people and provide me with unbelievable opportunities. Within the next year, my show was syndicated to LA talk radio and:

  • I was signed as the spokesperson for Kotex’s new line “U BY KOTEX”;
  • Covered the Obama 2008 inauguration from a millennial perspective;
  • Traveled to Africa, Peru, and Joplin Missouri for missionary trips;
  • Wrote my first book, “Nineteen”, filmed a pilot with Ernie Anastos and Dr.Oz;

My success continues to grow each day as I push through the hurdles of life and continue to do what I love.


Biggest Startup Challenge

The biggest startup challenge for me was learning how to balance everything … being 17 years old at the time, college applications, studying for the SAT’s and spending time with friends. My knowledge was always tested, given I was (and still am) relatively younger than others in my industry. Even today at twenty years old, people think that I can’t possibly know what I am talking about, be responsible and deliver good content. But, I always prove them wrong.

I continue to prove myself with every task I am given. Throughout my success, I have had to weed out the people who just can’t be happy for me and try to bring me down. This journey has been a process of self-discovery. I’m focused on creating associations with people who lift me up … those that are there for me during the good and bad.


#1 Tip for Entrepreneurs

Never think an idea is a bad idea, there is always room for growth and potential. Don’t let negative opinions or reactions stop you, just because one person doesn’t like it doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy to pursue.

Always stay true to your authentic self because your ideas and visions can be manipulated easily. Persistence is key! Surround yourself with good people … and those you can trust. And remember to balance work with play because time flies.

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