Overnight Business Celebrity: 5 Simple Steps to Increase Brand Awareness

Are you constantly looking for ways to increase your company’s media exposure?

Are you constantly looking for ways to increase your company’s media exposure? You know you’ve got an awesome product, right? You just wonder why no one else knows how awesome your product is.

Well, duh.

They don’t know about it.

If a customer, journalist or random individual can’t easily find information on your product through a Google search or via word of mouth (WOM) they won’t be aware of it and can’t purchase it.  Simple stuff, right?

You’re goal then, is to make sure people – the media, bloggers, reviewers and social media conversationalists are talking about your brand. It’s easier than it sounds and to prove it here are five “way too easy” steps to increase your reach overnight.


1. Get social

Friend, follow or contact five individuals that are similar to you.  Whether you decide to use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or even IRL (In Real Life), find five people every day that are into the same things you are and reach out to them.

Does your company make cookbooks?  Seek out cookbook authors or reviewers and start a conversation about your favorite cookbook.  All of a sudden you have a relationship you can call on in the future and five new people that know about your company, in less than 24 hours.


2. Become more active on Facebook

Update your company’s Facebook Page regularly — add photos, “Like” at least 20 other businesses, tag others in at least three posts, share links and comment on every item you see in your news-feed for one day.

You’ll be surprised at how many businesses will return the favor and “Like” you back and then tag you in posts, which introduces you to their customers.  Scale back after a day, but still actively engage others on Facebook.


3. Cyberstalk complimentary businesses

Find and reach out to businesses that target your ideal customer and stalk their press page.  Check out what publications have featured them, who’s been reviewing them, etc.  Contact those media outlets and pitch your company.

Or if a well-known journalist just wrote an article on your industry, but left you out, introduce yourself and let them know that you’d love to be included as a source in the future, the next time they write about your industry.


4. Band together

Once you’ve taken action on #3, connect with those same companies that you met while politely cyberstalking. Assuming they’re not all your competitors, you should be able to brainstorm ways to cross promote each other’s brands, that is mutually beneficial.


5. Giveaway the good stuff for free

Reveal one of your best kept success secrets online. Good content is the easiest way to increase name recognition and incite others to spread the word about your awesomeness. If you truly develop remarkable and fresh content then it will get people buzzing about you and your company.  Post content on your company blog and offer it to other news and media outlets as a guest contribution.


Lea Richards is the founder and owner of Pig of the Month BBQ, a nationwide mail order barbecue company. Founded in 2010 as a bootstrapped venture, she quickly learned how to leverage her marketing and PR savvy to grow her business on the cheap. She now shares this knowledge with other entrepreneurs around the country. She has been mentioned in the New York Times, Food & Wine Magazine, Food Network Magazine, Thrillist, and Good Morning America among others.


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