15 Entrepreneurs Share New Year’s Resolutions

Find out which resolutions entrepreneurs and startups are committed to in the New Year.

Is this year going to be different for your business? From employing new marketing tactics to becoming fearless, small business owners have set new goals and vowed to make some serious changes.

Find out which resolutions entrepreneurs and startups are committed to in the New Year:


  1. Relax.

    Take one day out of every week to truly relax and unwind. Although I truly enjoy what I do, I find myself working 7 days a week and hence neglecting myself. This year, I have designated “No work days” on my calendar which will be utilized to pamper myself, read a book and just recharge so that I can be the best person for my clients and myself as well.

    Apryl D. Roberts, Owner at Memorable Events by Apryl, LLC: @MemorableEvents

  2. Stay present.

    Leverage more technology in order to stay present and thoughtful in my networking relationships. I’d like to spend more time face-to-face with meaningful follow-ups via social media. In general, I’d like to be even more present … be it online or in person.

    Christine Pietryla, Owner at Pietryla Enterprises Public Relations: @CPietryla

  3. Utilize social media.

    Spend less on traditional marketing and more on social media. When looking at our ROI, traditional advertisements on big wedding sites never return customers. However, our constant engagement on Twitter and Facebook does!

    Brittany Haas, Founder at Something Borrowed NY: @SmthingBorrowed

  4. Go with the flow.

    Accept that my best efforts in marketing, social media …  B2C outreach will land where they’re supposed to, as long as I remember that creating inner peace is as essential as creating new business contacts.  Finding that inner state of acceptance is going to do more for my business growth than anything else will.

    Shira Tamar Adler, Chief Inspiration Officer at Diva Mama, LLC: @1DivaMama

  5. Always improve.

    Enable my team to produce the best possible experience for our users.

    Jude Gomila, Co-Founder & President at Heyzap: @JudeGomila

  6. Network more.

    Identify five to eight business women that I want to partner with, connect and develop strategic partnerships. Even if I’m outside of my comfort zone, I’m dedicated to surrounding myself with the level of success I want to achieve by the end of 2012.

    Holly M. Suso, Founder at Synergist Marketing Solutions: @TheTecheMom

  7. Stick to a business plan.

    I’m a work at home mom who started my business in 2011 with no clear plan, but a lot of momentum. With no clear plan for my social media and video marketing business, I didn’t make a consistent amount of money and I had no idea of my true expenses. So this year, I resolve to stop “winging it.” I want to get serious about my business plan, stick with and create a visual reminder of my goals.

    Joyce Brewer, Creator and Host at Mommy Talk Show: @MommyTalkShow

  8. Expand business.

    Think outside of the box and use my vision to influence others to greatness. I want to expand my reach by doing things bigger than ever. This year, I have added new services and employees to my business that will expand my business globally and financially.

    Carol Sankar, Entrepreneurship Coach at Carol Sankar Enterprises: @CarolSankar

  9. Be more efficient.

    Establish more efficiency when responding to emails and calls. Right now, I’m leaving my inbox open constantly which creates that urge for immediate response even when it is not needed. Working with hundreds of clients — the day can melt away with my prior approach. Starting this year, I plan to clearly layout email reply expectations, which should give me more time to work on growing the business.

    Timothy Lowry, COO at Ambassador International: @AmbassadorIntl

  10. Reach more people.

    More than a resolution, my goal this year involves reaching a larger audience to share the importance of personal development.

    Josh Hinds, Speaker and Author at GetMotivation: @JoshHinds

  11. Embrace life.

    Stop comparing myself to others, and just be the ‘fantabulous’ woman and business owner that I am.

    Laurie Cantus, Owner at Go2Girls: @Go2Girls

  12. Be fearless.

    Be bolder in the things that I ask for and to not compromise on our vision and the things that we need to accomplish them.

    Kimberly Dillon, Co-Founder at House of Mikko: @HouseofMikko

  13. Get more clients.

    Successfully acquire and retain at least five new clients for long-term PR contracts that fall under the umbrella of entertainment and lifestyle public relations.  KPL Communications has yet to break its first year and I already need an assistant.

    Karla P. Lárraga, Owner at KPL Communications: @KPL_Comm

  14. Blog more.

    I resolve to blog more often on topics that are important to my clients. I have written a number of blogs over the years, and am always amazed at how often they are read by my clients. I think that any entrepreneur who is involved in professional services should explore using blogging as a tool to establish expertise in the eyes of prospective clients.

    Natalie Gregg, Counselor at Law at The Law Office of Natalie Gregg: @GreggNatalie

  15. Make my business financially sound.

    I resolve to build Fresh Seams into a business that helps thousands of designer. I want to be able to leave my full-time job, trusting solely into the business to survive financially.

    Shawn Oates, Founder and CEO at Fresh Seams: @FreshSeams


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