Small Business Buzz, Musings, and Muchness: Is Google Plus Important for My Business?

Are you debating about how important Google Plus is for your small business? Let's weigh the pros and cons.

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Are you debating about how important Google+ is for your small business? Mashable weighs the pros and cons for you. (Mashable)

New Canadian startup Fundica matches entrepreneurs with funding programs. “In January, the Montreal-based company launched an online service that provided entrepreneurs with easier and up-to-date access to financing programs in Quebec.” (The Globe and Mail)

Startup capitalizes on “big data” trend previously monopolized by large companies. “Founded in 2004, before the term “big data” had worked its way into the vocabulary of Silicon Valley, Splunk now has some 3,200 customers in more than 75 countries, including more than half the Fortune 100 companies.” (The Bulletin)

Tired of wasting paper for your business cards? Find out how to stop. “Three entrepreneurs behind a mobile technology company, Fetchly, aim to provide a service that’s easy to use and easy on the environment.” (Teaneck Patch)

All that jazz … Forbes contributor, Tim Worstall, compares jazz band leaders to entrepreneurs. Which type of musician would you be? (Forbes)


Even more muchness …

If your startup is mocked and misunderstood, are you onto something big? Steven Strauss, Advanced Leadership Fellow at Harvard, disagrees and explains why. “Any startup mocked and misunderstood by nearly everyone, yet ultimately successful, was likely the exception — not the rule.” (Huffington Post)

Vivian Weng, co-founder of  FashionStake, speculates possible developments for rising fashion startups.  “Here are the top 5 trends that I believe will shape the online fashion world in 2012.” (Huffington Post)

Startup Instagram hires its eighth employee from Google. “Instagram has had incredible growth — adding 13 million users in less than a year with only 7 employees.” (Business Insider)

The Wall Street Journal examines common small business blunders. Find out what three mistakes you should vow to avoid. (Wall Street Journal)


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