Startup Playbook: 5 Ways to Think Like A Coach When It’s Time to Recruit New Hires

I’m sure at some point you have heard this expression in sports, “You win in the locker room first then on the field.” As cliché as it may seem...

4. Script a recruit profile.

What does your ideal teammate look like?

The Turf Dawg DNA looks like this:

i. 1 part Magellan (Explorer)
ii. 1 part Frank Lloyd Wright (Architect)
iii. and 1 part Steve Jobs (Innovator adept at creating niches)

Ask the right questions. This will help you get the right “DNA match”. For Parisi, the following questions are his barometer.

a. How did you attack new problems in a previous job?
b. Share examples of creative solutions you’ve developed to satisfy customers?
c. Describe an ambiguous situation in your last job and how you arrived at a solution.
d. How have you introduced new products to your customers? What were the steps?
e. What would your first step in this position be?

5. Lastly, every staff needs a shade of grey — as in grey hair.

A mentor with wisdom and historical perspective can provide insights others lacking perspective cannot see. A key ingredient in the University of Florida football program’s unprecedented success involves that shade of grey.

In 2003, former coach Urban Meyer hired Hiram de Fries, a retired lawyer and oil executive, to be the team’s “chemistry coach”. His job description: to make sure everyone is always on the same page on and off the field.

Two National Championships and four conference championships later, Meyer indicates that he thinks de Fries was more important to the Gators success than anything else.

Clearly, aligning vision with values and strong mentoring are mission critical. As you recruit and construct your team, be on the lookout for your chemistry coach.

Building a business is a constant struggle but a rewarding one. As a leader you need to focus on the big picture vision while keeping your teammates engaged, motivated and positive about the immediate future.

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John Brubaker is a consultant, speaker and author of the forthcoming book Overtime Victory: Success Strategies From The Locker Room To The Board Room. His consultancy specializes in creating high performing teams and winning cultures. John’s professional career has been focused on building synergy between organizational goals and the strengths of its individuals. 


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