Starting a Business with your Spouse: 10 Reasons Why You Should

Are you ready for couplepreneurship? To help you decide if love and business will work for you, we've enlisted ten married entrepreneurs to share their experiences along with...

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6. You complement each other.

We complement each other very well in business and completely understand what the other is dealing with as far as work-related stressors are concerned. We have something that we are both very passionate about and enjoy working together to grow the company. We realize that we could not have grown the business to be as successful as we have without one another and have a deep appreciation for how hard each other works.

Jennifer Elizabeth Dunphy, VP of Sales and Marketing at Vayu Media: @VayuMedia

7. You develop a closer bond.

Starting a business with my spouse has fostered intimacy in our marriage as we work to achieve a common goal. Working together to achieve that goal has improved our communication, enhanced our commitment, and allowed us to appreciate each other’s strengths. These are all things that needed improvement when we worked in the traditional corporate workplace.

Heather and Chris Thomas, President and Vice President at Destin Vacation Boat Rentals: @DestinBoats

8. You respect each other.

Founding DASHA with my husband has been the answer to a lifetime calling to do something entrepreneurial that allows me to help others on a day-to-day basis with someone who I undoubtedly know is as passionate about this calling as I am.  I absolutely recommend starting a business with your spouse provided that the mutual respect is there and each spouse’s contributions to the business are based on individual abilities and experience.

DASHA is a balance and union of everything Darren and I are: his medical background combined with my experience in the marketing and the luxury lifestyle market, our combined passion for caring for and bettering the lives of others and our mutual desire to use our business to give back to our community through charity involvement.

Shannon Russo Pollack, Co-Founder at DASHA Wellness & Spa: @DashaWellness

9. You trust each other.

It has benefits you can’t find in a ‘non-spouse’ business partnership including trust, being on the same page with regard to vision (the big picture), alongside life and financial goals. Spouses tend to share the same interests, which is also important to foster a thriving business.

Laura Zander, Owner at Jimmy Beans Wool: @JimmyBeansWool

10. You have each other’s back.

The biggest advantage of working with your spouse is that (hopefully) he or she is one person on the planet that you know truly has your back and has your best interest in mind.

Matt Mogk, Founder & Kelly Mogk, CFO at Zombie Research Society: @ZombieResearch

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